February 11, 2012

LeAnn Rimes defends her weight loss on Chelsea Lately while looking fabulous in a floral mini dress (5 PICS)

Looking good, Leann! Leann Rimes appeared on the Chelsea Lately show last night
She's taken a lot of flack for her shrinking frame, but LeAnn Rimes is still insisting she lost weight the natural way.

The 29-year-old singer appeared on Chelsea Lately last night and candidly answered every brazen question that host Chelsea Handler asked. 

This included the pointed: 'Why are you so much thinner than you were?'

Rimes responded: 'I was a baby! I was fat. I had baby fat. I grew up. I work out. There's nothing else to explain.'

She certainly didn't look as emaciated as some reports have claimed.
Instead, she appeared confident and sexy in a brown and white feather printed keyhole dress and sky high cherry coloured stilettos.

Perhaps it was her good humour that caused Handler  to confess that she had seen the diminutive star noshing on chocolates backstage.

Happy tears: The 29-year-old told host Chelsea Handler she was the only person who could make her laugh and cry during her divorce
Or perhaps the revelation of a junk food fetish was a peace offering, as the 36-year-old comedienne has been downright nasty when mocking Rimes in the past. 

'I know that you've seen me talking s--t about you,' she said frankly immediately after Rimes walked onstage.

Absolutely. I have, which is more why I wanted to come on,' the Blue singer said.

She explained that she would turn the Handler's show when she needed a laugh during her divorce from ex-husband Dean Sheremet, but that she soon learned the error of her ways. 

'When I was getting a divorce, I had plenty of time at night, so I was bawling my eyes out and going, 'What's going on with my life?'

Why are you so much thinner? The 36-year-old host asks the question on everyone's lips

I have arrived! The country crooner showed up on the talk show looking fabulous
Life is good! The Blue singer clearly loves her life

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