February 5, 2012

Lady Gaga's Topless Super Bowl Spirit (5 PICS)

Lady Gaga is showing her love of football in a new series of pictures by photographer Terry Richardson. The photos have been posted on Terry's blog and advertised on Twitter. The lovely Gaga does not look like the typical football fan. In one picture, she is topless with the football strategically placed in front of her to shield her lady parts. She dons a tiny black dress and a leather jacket in the shoot.

The black and white photos were posted by the celebrity photographer yesterday. Her football picture includes the completely obvious caption, "Lady Gaga holding a football...Go Giants." Okay, so he is a genius with the camera, not with words and wit.

Gaga and Terry have a long history of working together. She obviously feels very comfortable with him. The photographs include Lady Gaga imitating Terry Richardson, but it could be interpreted as Gaga a.k.a. the bad teacher. Gaga dons Terry's giant glasses and poses seductively. It is a photo that brings every guy's sexy teacher fantasy to life. Her tiny dress is pulled down just enough to bare a whole lot of cleavage that she enhances with a little squeezing action.

One guy who will not enjoy the sexy teacher photos is Joe Germanotta, Gaga's daddy. She admits her father is not always comfortable with her fashion and often suggests she wear something else. She says, "My father is still like, 'Can't you just put this on?' Some of it he just can't handle." It is no wonder her father is uncomfortable with some of her outfits. She has no qualms going topless or foregoing pants altogether. She is an eccentric girl and her dad is clearly still coming to terms with his daughter's body being put on display all around the world.

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