February 7, 2012

Justin Bieber's Bodyguard Gets Into A Fight At The Airport! (3 PICS)

We're just glad that nobody seems to have been seriously injured!

Yesterday afternoon, Justin Bieber's bodyguard got into a fight with a paparazzo who reportedly got "too close" to the Biebs' car at LAX.

After the fight began, the bodyguard quickly got the pap into a headlock, followed by a hard punch to the pap's face. Ouch.

Despite the fact that it pret-ty much seems like the pap got his ass handed to him, he was the one who was arrested. We're hearing he was booked for "assault with a deadly weapon."

…And that's why U don't mess with Justin Bieber's bodyguard! Yikes!
What do U think? Did the pap deserve to get arrested?

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