February 13, 2012

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Choose Date Night Over the Grammys (8 PICS)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez skipped the Grammys in favor of a low-key dinner date Feb. 12 at New York’s Chanpen Thai Cuisine — and as always, they left quite an impression on the wait staff. “They were really nice … and they were very pleasant to the staff,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively, adding that Justin and Selena “seemed in love!”

Our favourite couple were a no show at the event, with neither star scoring a single nomination. So that means they were able to do whatever they wanted -- date night in New York.

The teen lovers were spotted having dinner at a Thai restaurant, and emerged hand in hand.

Selena also posted a photo on her Instagram of a special J shaped ring -- so cute. We hope Justin bought her plenty of Valentine's Day presents!

No alcohol was consumed during the dinner, and our source confirms that Justin and Selena’s security took care of the bill.

And this isn’t the first time Justin and Selena have grabbed Thai food in NYC. Remember when we gave you exclusive details about their romantic date at Siam Thai restaurant back in July 2011?

They’re totally creatures of habit!

True, they are kind of disgustingly cute together. But it looks like Justin and Selena – who have been together about thirteen months – may be in it for the long haul. Justin has even said he wants kids before he’s 25! So what keeps these two lovebirds tickin’?

“I’m just like every 19-year-old girl,” Selena told Cosmopolitan. “If you’re in love, you’re in love to the fullest, and you just want to go to the movies, hang out, and be as normal as possible. I’m fortunate that I’ve found someone who has that philosophy.”
“[Love] is the most powerful thing,” she adds. “When it comes to my family, friends, a relationship … it centers me. You only live once, and I want to be proud of everything that I do and just have fun. I want to be able to say that I had a really fulfilled,  fun life.”

Sweet! And we know Justin is sweet on her.  He rented out the Staples center so the two could watch ‘Titanic’ alone.


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