February 16, 2012

Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez at the arcade (10 PICS)

Justin Bieber took girlfriend Selena Gomez to the local Chuck E Cheese diner in Los Angeles where he looked intensely focused on a pin pong arcade game

He may have his first serious girlfriend and be turning 18 next month, but Justin Bieber is still a little bit of a child at heart.

The singer enjoyed all the fun of several arcade games at a Chuck E. Cheese venue in Los Angeles earlier today.

He was spotted having a great time with his girlfriend Selena Gomez, and his two younger siblings and father at the children's arcade and diner chain.

Wearing a black T-shirt and baggy grey trousers, the star was absorbed in a solo table tennis arcade game before trying his hand at a few other amusements.

According to Hollywoodlife.com, the famous couple were treating Justin's four-year-old half sister Jazmyn and half brother Jaxon, two.

A source told the website that Justin took a delighted Jazmyn on the Barney ride three times.

Solo tennis: Justin Bieber took girlfriend Selena Gomez to the local Chuck E Cheese diner in Los Angeles where he looked intensely focused on a pin pong arcade game
Meanwhile Selena seemed happy to shepherd two-year-old Jaxson through the venue after arriving around lunchtime. 

'Justin and Selena were so incredibly sweet and thoughtful,' a source told the website. 

'They were so cute, Justin and Selena will make amazing parents because they are great with kids and super patient.'

Dressed in a long coral pink knitted top and jeans, with her dark hair in a chic updo, the singer supervised little Jaxson as he reached up to play the games and giggled with Jazmyn as she drove a bright yellow play car.

Young driver: Selena shared a giggle with excited young Jazmyn as she sat in a bright yellow play car
The pair played joined the children on the amusements throughout the afternoon after sitting down to a lunch of pizza. 

'They all seemed really happy and down-to-earth. They all split a cheese pizza,' one onlooker said. 

The celebrity couple also seemed happy to sign autographs for young fans in the colourful diner, with Justin donating some prize tickets to some visiting youngsters. 

One on-looker said: 'Justin and Selena were racking up tickets for prizes, but they gave them all away to the other kids in the restaurant, saying that they didn't want them. 

'The kids who were there on a field trip were excited beyond belief to see Justin and Selena.'

My turn now: Justin took the lead on one amusement, looking very focussed on the screen ahead
Helping hand: Selena Gomez supervised Justin's two year old half brother as he tried his hand at a game
Lunchtime: Justin (far right) and Selena  (centre) shared a pizza over lunch at the popular children's venue
Family lunch: Sitting next to Justin, Selena sipped a soft drink before the group took to the arcades
Fun day out: Dressed in a dusky pink top, Selena watched the group of children in the amusement arcade
Selena shepherded little Jaxson 
Attentive older brother: Justin showed he is a natural with children as he took his younger half siblings on the rides

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