February 13, 2012

Jennifer Ellison seen leaving Dancing On Ice studios with bloodied hair (VIDEO | 9 PICS)

Her fans were left terrified when she suffered a dramatic blow to the head on last night's Dancing On Ice.
And following the injury, which occurred during the technically-challenging Scorpion Kick, Jennifer Ellison was seen leaving the television studios with her blonde hair covered in blood.

The former Brookside actress clutched her head as she was driven home by her husband Robbie Tickle after the action-packed evening.

However, Jennifer, 28, was quick to reassure fans that she is 'absolutely fine' following the injury, admitting she was 'glued together' by medics.

She said in a message posted on the show's official website late last night: 'This is a message to everyone who has been in touch to see if I'm ok. I'm absolutely fine and I've been glued together. 

'I've got a bit of a headache and I'll probably feel even worse in the morning, but thanks for all the support, it means so much to me. Hopefully I won't have to do the routine again!'

Her skating partner Daniel Whiston, who was seen rushing to Jennifer's aid after she managed to complete the routine, also spoke about the dangerous kick.

Are you ok? Dan was immediately worried after the performance, as he checked Jennifer's injury
He said: 'At the end of the routine Jen does a scorpion kick. She threw her leg really high and the heel of her skate has gone into the back of her head.

'Her whole hair was just red because obviously the heart's pumping and a lot of blood's come out. But she's in great hands now.'

Dancing On Ice judge Katarina Witt said during an interview on This Morning today that she admired Jennifer, as well as the rest of her DOI contestants, for their fearlessness.

She said: 'I think they are all so brave. My heart goes out to them take - seeing what happened yesterday with Jennifer, it's always a big risk and my heart goes out to them for taking all those risks.'
Despite Jennifer's injury last night, the brave actress managed to finish the routine, earning herself her highest score of the competition so far, 19.

Bloodied and bruised: Jennifer Ellison was seen leaving the Dancing On Ice studios last night with bloodied hair after her injury on the ITV talent show
Judge Robin Cousins explained what might have gone wrong afterwards, saying: 'Katarina said in the rehearsals that she’s got to be careful. As a dancer, the last thing she would think about is what’s on the end of her boot.'

'People do forget that the skates make your feet the heaviest part of your body and just doing a little bit of a flick, makes everything go a lot harder. 

'Very flexible, fantastic performer but there is very little skating being done by Jen at this point.'

Jayne Torvill added: 'The adrenaline tonight went a bit too far. It shows you how dangerous ice dancing is.'
And it wasn't the first time Jennifer has injured herself on the show. The former soap actress was injured while practising the Spinning Fish lift a few weeks ago.

The move involved her being spun on her side over partner Dan's head.

In action: Jennifer suffered the injury during the scorpion kick move in her routine with partner Dan Whiston

Tended to backstage: The cut Jennifer's head was reportedly glued back together

Going to be ok: Medics were immediately on hand to ensure that Jennifer was taken care of
Swelling up: But Jennifer, seen here with husband Robbie Tickle, insisted to fans she's 'absolutely fine'

'I've been glued together!' Jennifer said she was doing OK, but added she would have a headache today

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