February 23, 2012

Jennifer Aniston Denies Being Justin Theroux’s “Other Woman”

Because Jennifer Aniston’s topless scene has effectively been cut from Wanderlust, she has instead turned to shilling her relationship with co-star boyfriend Justin Theroux on the movie’s promotional trail. It’s a more PG-13 sell; it’s an easier gimmick to drag around the junkets. And now everyone wants to know about that too despite Theroux’s insistence that, “I understand the curiosity, but other than saying I am happy, I am not going to indulge it.”

Except, that’s tough, because Aniston is rumoured to have been the other woman and part of the reason Theroux split from ex-girlfriend-of-14-years, Heidi Bivens (the suggestion in the tabloids: Aniston was the other woman, the home-wrecker, and Theroux was the cheater if they got together during filming since he was in a relationship at the time).

As such, Aniston has taken her “we’re not cheaters” tour on the road.

She denies the speculated-upon timing to Pop Sugar during an interview, sitting next to co-star Paul Rudd, during which she says: “My first impression… I met Justin, like, five years ago…and I thought… um… he’s always so, so sweet, very nice, but I remember thinking he was very dark… he could be, like, a serial killer. But, the nicest person in the world. And I didn’t recognize him as Seth when we were at the camera test.”

And there’s a little more detail in Aniston’s interview with Good Morning America where she says: “He’s just the most cold, icy, fishy kind of a guy. I’m trying to warm him up but you know… [Justin is a] really cute and great in this movie. He is really cute. He is great, he’s a great actor… Nothing happened on that movie, it’s the easy rumour. Nothing happened, we were just friends. I have known Justin a long time.”

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