February 20, 2012

Girls’ Generation performance wows crowd in Bangkok (VIDEO | 20 PICS)

Girls’ Generation who is making headway by appearing in U.S. and France talk show is also busy in Korea appearing in drama, musical, and TV music programs as well.

Yoona who was casted in KBS drama ‘You are My Destiny’ in 2008 was praised for her acting skills will now be returning back with Jang Geun Suk with ‘Love Rain.’ Jessica made a first debut as an actress on ‘Wild Romance.’ Also Yuri and Sooyoung who appeared in sitcom ‘Unstoppable Marriage’ are expanding their field as an actress as well. Yuri will be appearing in ‘Fashion King’ and Sooyoung who played the role of Jung Da Jung well in the movie ‘Hello Schoolgirl’ is considering her next drama.

Yuri will play the role of Choi Ahnah on SBS ‘Fashion King’ that will first air on March 12. Choi Ahnah who has attractive appearance, overcomes discrimination studying abroad and becomes a world renowned chief designer.

Yuri has made brief sitcom appearances but it’s her first leading role in a drama. She is currently filming ‘Fashion King’ in New York. She left for New York upon completing Girls’ Generation Tour in Bangkok and taking another flight out to New York. She shared before leaving for New York, “I am a bit worried. But I will work hard to present the best work.”

Yoona will appear in KBS ‘Love Rain’ to play a double role. She is playing the role of Kim Yoon Hee as a college student as well as Yun Hee’s daughter. The drama is set to be broadcast for 20 episodes from March 26. Taeyeon and Sunny, Tiffany is working hard on musical.

Followed by Taeyeon who made her first musical debut through ‘Midnight Sun’ on 2010, Tiffany recently is working on ‘Fame.’ Sunny is scheduled to make an appearance on ‘Catch Me If you Can,’ on March. Taeyeon made a cameo appearance on recent sitcom ‘Master Doryongnyong and the Phantom Actuators.’
Girls’ Generation activity spans also into TV music and variety programs. Yuri and Tiffany were co-MC on ‘Music Core’ and from end of January Taeyeon, Seohyun and Tiffany is now leading the ‘Music Core.’ Sunny’s solo mc of ‘Music Island’ finished successfully on February 13. In addition Hyoyeon and Sunny is starring in ‘Invincible Youth 2.’

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