February 1, 2012

Elizabeth Hurley Set to Make Her Return to Gossip Girl!‎ (5 PHOTOS)

Licking the competition: Elizabeth Hurley cut a contemporary dash as she filmed her scenes for Gossip Girl in New York today 
At 46 years of age, Elizabeth Hurley is old enough to have given birth to most of the cast of Gossip Girl, but the evergreen model, designer and actress isn't about to be cast into dotage.

Not for her the role of mother, maiden aunt or ageing femme fatale, instead Hampshire's most resilient daughter has been sashaying her way through the part of sexy, empowered media mogul, Diane Payne.

There isn't a hint of the Miss Havisham about her performance, or even a smattering of the Baby Jane about her sexy wardrobe as the alluring brunette. 

She exploded onto our screens, and immediately started chewing up the scenery and and spitting it out along with the young cast members out as the audacious ball-buster.

Still got it: Hurley's look meant she isn't incongruous amidst the young, nubile Gossip Girl crew

Chace Crawford's character Nate Archibald was Diane's first course, and though the actor is twenty years Hurley's junior - the writers didn't shy away from developing an ongoing romance between the pair.

Her performance earned rave reviews, and a return... not to mention a thumbs up from her fiance, cricketer Shane Warne, 42.

The former face of Estee Lauder, who runs her own swimwear line and markets organic food from her Worcestershire farm, admitted she was nervous about the role after a seven year hiatus from acting.

Elizabeth Hurley wardrobe malfunctions

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