February 5, 2012

David Beckham and Prince Harry party at exclusive club (5 PICS)

Smart: Prince Harry looked extremely well dressed for his evening out, perhaps he knew they would be seeing Katerine

David Beckham is known for having wild boys nights out with any array of his famous male friends.
But last night dynamic duo Beckham and Prince Harry were forced to their cancel boys night to rub shoulders with a stunning Katerine Jenkins.

All three were out on the town partying at the Arts Club in Mayfair and despite the snow warnings the trio stayed in the London venue until after 3am, walking out in the freezing cold.

Father-of-four Beckham looked dapper in a dark suit, white shirt and gold tie while singer Jenkins, 31, opted for classical chic in a simple strapless dress with black jacket.

Jenkins, who spiced up her look with some daring red lipstick, is a known family friend of the Beckhams.
All three were careful not to be seen leaving together, despite partying together all evening, and left separately.

Bet you are looking forward to the Bahamas! Harry looks extra pale compared to his friend Beckham 

It may be the last time Los Angeles based Beckham, 36, sees Prince Harry before the royal embarks on his first solo tour of Brazil.

Harry, 27, will get to tour Belize, the Bahamas and Jamaica – all sovereign realms where the Queen is head of state - from March 2 to 8.

The prince plans to meet the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, at his training base when he visits the Jamaican capital of Kingston.

David Beckham parties rubs shoulders with Katherine Jenkins, a known family friend

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