February 20, 2012

2PM Nichkhun asks netizens to stop criticizing Block B (5 PICS)

Recently, Block B’s impolite conduct during an interview with “RYT9” of Thailand has caused a ripple among 2PM fans. Regarding the flood in Thailand, Block B leader Zico had commented “People in Thailand must be devastated due to the flood but I really wish we can just use money to patch things up. I mean that’s all I really have.

And how much do they even need? Like $7?” Even the interpreter had been shocked upon hearing this. On the 19th, Nichkhun tweeted “As a native of Thailand myself, I was very offended to see people just blabbering nonsense about the recent flood. I wish that people would take care to be more conscientious about the local situation when they visit Thailand.” Nichkhun’s tweet caused angry netizens to flood the internet with vitriolic criticisms for Block B. Block B members personally left messages of apology on their fan caf├ęs but it did not pacify the situation at all.

Seeing this reacon, Nichkhun tweeted again “Please, don’t say things like ‘wish someone would die’ but hope they would learn. Like we all do, like I did from my own mistakes.” Nichkhun asked netizens to hold off on the criticisms and that he just wished for the members to learn from their mistakes. Netizens complimented Nichkhun’s conduct saying “He’s so understanding” “Block B is so immature. I was so angry after seeing that clip even though I’m Korean. How can Nichkhun just let it go like that?”

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