January 7, 2012

What would Selena say? Justin Bieber surrounds himself with bevy of bikini-clad beauties (21 PHOTOS)

What would Selena say? Justin Bieber was seen spending the day surrounded by a bevy of bikini-clad girls as he enjoyed a day at the beach on Wednesday
Justin Bieber and his girlfriend have been indulging in considerable amounts of public displays of affection in recent weeks.

So what Selena Gomez will make of her beau enjoying a day at the beach with a group of bikini clad girls is anyone's guess. 

The 17-year-old singer was seen soaking up the sunshine on Wednesday and appeared more than happy to be surrounded by the bevy of beauties. 

Justin was seen laughing and joking with the group of girls who appeared at ease around the singing sensation.

However while some of the bikini-clad girls appeared to be unimpressed by Bieber's superstar status Justin did encounter a large group of fans, who were overexcited by his presence.

What a chore: The 17-year-old singer looked more than comfortable around the pretty girls

Man in demand: The Canadian singer was flocked by a gaggle of girls as he chilled on the beach

Snap happy: Justin poses with the bikini-clad girls for a snap

The girls quickly swarmed around the Canadian and indulged in a photo session on the sands.
Of course always one to please his fans, Justin obliged hugging the group of girls and putting on the charm. 

Centre of attention: Justin had no shortage of admirers at the beach on Wednesday

Watch your hand! The singer's poses with pretty female fans but is dangerously close to one female's behind

While the teenager was more than happy to lap up the attention he has been spotted romancing his girlfriend Selena Gomez increasingly over the past few months. 

The young couple have appeared stronger than ever after claims were made that Justin had fathered a baby with a female fan Mariah Yeater. 

Justin denied the accusations and even submitted to a DNA test while Selena put a show of support during the ordeal.

Life's a beach: Bieber chats with his female fans during a breather from his work out

Quick get the shot: One girl was seen following the singer with her camera while Justin had a wide grin on his face

Cute couple: Justin and girlfriend Selena Gomez have nearly been together for one year and have been showing PDA recently

Selena and Justin went public about their relationship in March last year stepping out onto the red carpet together at the Vanity Fair Oscars party in March. 

They kept their relationship private for a number of months prior. 

Today Selena was granted a three-year restraining order from her stalker Thomas Brodnicki who is said to have made several death threats to the star. 

The judge ruled that Brodnicki posed a danger to society and granted the order. 

While Justin was the main attraction at the beach on Wednesday the singer was eager to show off his new inking after having an image of Jesus tattooed on to his left calf.

The singer was spotted with the new inking on the beach. 

The 17-year-old singer  was joined by his father Jeremy - a fellow tattoo enthusiast.
Justin and his dad went shirtless as they lapped up the sunshine, played sports and exercised.

The Mistletoe singer had the company of a friend too and the trio set about working up a sweat with some press ups in the sand.

It wasn't long before Justin attracted a gaggle of girls, who came flocking with the pop star obligingly posing for  photographs with them.

Bieber's latest inking is based on the  image of Jesus called Ecce Homo dating back to 1610 by artist Rubens.

The design was first spotted back in December, although it could only be partially seen.

Christian values: Justin Bieber was spotted on the beach in Los Angeles yesterday sporting a new Jesus tattoo on his left calf

Inkings galore: He was joined by his father Jeremy, who is also a tattoo enthusiast

Inspiration: Bieber's latest inking is based on the  image of Jesus called Ecce Homo dating back to 1610 by artist Rubens

It's not his first tattoo either. Back in May the Canadian star and his father got matching Jesus tattoos written Hebrew, inked on the side of their rib cages.

He also has a bird tattoo on his lower torso.

And judging his father's many tats, it wouldn't be surprising if Justin is already planning to expand his body art again some time soon.

Boys' day out! Justin also brought a friend along for the afternoon of sun, sea and sand

Down to business: The trio work up a sweat doing press ups in the sand

Hot work: Justin's friend and father look all puffed out, while Justin looks cool as a cucumber

And the teen star showed off his ink once again yesterday.

He headed to Shakey's Pizza Parlor to grab a slice with his father and some friends.

He was seen shaking hands with staff as he arrived at the pizza joint, wearing some camouflage shorts, a black T-shirt and a trucker hat.

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