January 16, 2012

A Transsexual Woman, or A Woman?

First, I hope you will all get a chance to read Randi Cousineau’s play, Webster’s Woman, in the preceding post. It deals with a subject many transitioned women know all too well . . . Give yourself lots of time to read it.

I’m wondering today about women who transition but still refer to themselves as transsexuals. When I was going through therapy, my therapists saw me as a woman. That’s why I received the go-ahead to start hormone replacement therapy and have sexual reassignment surgery. I wasn’t transitioning to become a transsexual, I was transitioning because I felt I was a woman, and I needed to realign my body with my soul. And my therapists agreed.

Because of this blog, many people still see me as a transsexual — and I often refer to myself as a transitioned woman here — but for those who don’t know that I write it and didn’t know me before I transitioned, I am simply just one of 4 billion or so women on the planet. And that’s really what I wanted when I transitioned, right? My birth certificate says “female” now.

Many women I know who have transitioned have gone on to blend in, and have little or nothing to do at all with trans issues anymore. They don’t consider themselves to be transsexuals or transgender people or even trans women. Just women.

I can understand how the media gets it wrong sometimes — I have been referred to in various publications as a transsexual person and/or as a transgender person. There is a lot of confusion about trans-related labels in the media.

But I am a little confused about women who have transitioned and still call themselves “transsexuals.” I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that. It just makes me wonder.

Comments? Have you transitioned and still consider yourself to be a transsexual? Or have you dropped that label, and see yourself simply as a woman, without any special notations?

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