January 5, 2012

Selena Gomez Aspires to Be Rachel McAdams - Bad News for Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez wants to be like Rachel McAdams. So is the blonde bombshell the best actress for Selena to aspire to be?

It's no wonder that Selena wants to be like Rachel—the beautiful actress has become a favorite with men and women alike thanks to movies like Mean Girls, The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, Midnight in Paris, and Sherlock Holmes. So from romance to comedy to action, she's kept herself from getting bored by doing it all.

And of course Selena also wouldn't mind working with Rachel's ex Ryan Gosling—she's admitted to having a bit of a crush on the actor in the past (sorry, Justin Bieber), and she's one of the many girls out there who have fallen in love with his character from The Notebook.

According to OK! Magazine, this is what Selena Gomez had to say about Rachel McAdams' career: "I love the choices she's made and the way she seems to be playing out her career. I'd love to talk to her and figure out why she does what she does."

Selena is already slightly starting to mimic Rachel's career. In Mean Girls Rachel plays a truly evil teen queen, and in Spring Breakers Selena will be playing a bit of a bad girl herself—her character robs a restaurant to fund her spring break trip and ends up in jail for it. Selena would probably also love to work with a critically acclaimed director like Woody Allen (who worked with Rachel on Midnight in Paris), and she might try to change her image by doing a raunchy comedy geared towards guys like Wedding Crashers someday.

However, instead of trying to become the next Rachel McAdams, maybe Selena Gomez should try to go her own way. She has said that she'd love to do a sitcom again, which is something that Rachel never did. It's pretty easy to imagine Selena doing a more adult-oriented show than Wizards of Waverly Place—she could do something like Gossip Girl or New Girl (maybe her sitcom could be called Hey Girl in honor of Ryan Gosling).

And of course Justin Bieber wouldn't want Selena to mimic one part of Rachel's career—she has a habit of dating her costars (she's currently with her Midnight in Paris costar Michael Sheen).

So what do you think of Selena's goal—could she become the next Rachel McAdams, or will her career take a drastically different turn?

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