January 29, 2012

Russian TV company sues over failed Lady Gaga appearance

Miami - A Russian company that owns MUZ-TV, Russia's equivalent of MTV, is suing a U.S. "management firm" for refund of $1.5 million it claims it paid to the firm to book Lady Gaga for a performance at it awards.

The Russians say the management firm failed to book the pop star for performance and it has refused to refund the money it received.

According to TMZ, court papers filed in Miami show that the Russian company ZAO, that owns the music channel MUZ-TV, claims that it paid the firm NWE, $1.5 million to book Lady Gaga for its MUZ-TV awards in June. NWE, according to the plaintiff, failed to book Gaga.

Entertainmentwise reports that according to the lawsuit, ZAO says the Miami-based "management firm" claimed it had the necessary connections to secure Gaga's appearance at the MUZ-TV awards in June. ZAO is complaining that NWE is guilty of misrepresenting itself as having the connections to fulfill the deal. Herald Sun reports ZOA also says NWE has claimed $300,000 from the payment as broker fee.

The Russian firm says it wants a refund of its money, plus damages.

CelebGather.com suggests that in the future, the Russians should check the credentials of "Miami-based management firms" more thoroughly before they pay such huge amount in fees for an American star's appearance. According CelebGather.com, "South Beach is worse than even New York City or Hollywood when it comes to money-hungry wannabes."

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