January 25, 2012

MEL GIBSON Back in Criminal Court

"Thank you, yer honor, but I'll sit down here next to this Jew lawyer if it's all the same to you. (Thought you'd pick my pocket up there, didn't ya, Jew? Well, Ol' Mel's wise to ya.)"

Mel Gibson has returned to criminal court today ... but this time he'll be the one passing judgment ... as a prospective juror!!!

A TMZ producer ran into Mel outside the jury assembly room.  He's in the hallway reading a script, occasionally jumping on the cell phone talking business. 

Mel was also chatting up some of the women in the hallway and even took some photos with them.

Mel is wearing a baseball cap, a dark sport coat, button-up shirt and jeans.

Mel is not being treated differently ... he's doing what all prospective jurors do -- wait.

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