January 31, 2012

Madonna Super Bowl Halftime Show: 'No Nipples' But Definitely In 'Vogue'

Ever since it was announced, Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime Show performance has been the subject of endless speculation, with many wondering what kind of theatrics we may expect from the Material Girl.

At least we know that there will be no tributes to Janet Jackson. "For sure no nipples," Madonna told Jay Leno Monday night, adding that the halftime gig is "the most nerve-racking thing I've ever done."

But if photographs snapped over the weekend of Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis are any indication, the show looks like it will definitely be in "Vogue" -- the words are clearly lit up on the floor panels.

An early leak in December indicated that the 53-year-old star and "W.E." director would be performing a best-of set list that would include five songs, among them "Ray of Life," "Music," and, naturally, "Vogue." It is also reported that LFMAO and Nicki Minaj will be joining Madonna at the show.

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