January 14, 2012


As if we needed further proof that Lana Del Rey is happening. The music industry’s “It” girl graces this week’s cover of Billboard and she blossoms. Seriously.

On the cover, Del Rey is averting her gaze and wearing a top constructed of pink and orange flowers. The pouty songstress looks distant and disinterested, making her all the more interesting to us. The issue’s cover tag is “Best Bets” and LDR is certainly one of those in 2012.

Del Rey was also recently featured on the cover of Q, so she is already racking up seriously credible covers for her press kit. We’re predicting a Rolling Stone cover isn’t too far down the road for her.

In addition to nabbing the cover of the trade paper, Del Rey will appear on ‘Saturday Night Live’ this weekend, so be sure and tune in. What else could you possibly do with your time after midnight this weekend that’s better than taking in an intimate Lana Del Rey performance in front of the boob tube?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. 2012 is already shaping up to be Lana Del Rey’s year.

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