January 16, 2012

Kim Kardashian Admits ‘I Shouldn’t Have Married Kris Humphries’

Kim tells her sister Khloe that she got ‘wrapped up in the fairytale’ of marriage and that she thinks she’s made a mistake — but shouldn’t she be telling this to Kris?

Kim Kardashian is about to be a divorced woman again! On the Jan. 15 episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kim finally says she’s unhappy in her marriage and even breaks down crying!

We’re happy that Kim is finally admitting to herself and to her family why she’s been so mean over the past few weeks. Kim has been fighting with her sister Khloe for the past few episodes and when Kim sits down with Khloe, she tells her everything! But don’t you find it strange that Khloe isn’t telling Kris?

At one point in the episode Kris calls Kim two-faced when she lies to a waiter at a restaurant. We totally understand how Kris finds Kim to be fake at times and we like how he calls her out! But we can also see how this pair is a total mismatch.

Don’t you think that Kim should have waited before tying the knot? This is absolutely horrible to watch. It’s confusing and you can’t help but feel horrible for Kris and confused why Kim would ever marry Kris.

The more positive part of the episode was when Kourtney and Scott found a way to work things out and sleep in the same bed — hurray! This is probably how they got baby number two to come their way — now that Kourtney is preggers!

Kim gave Khloe an apology for calling her an evil little troll but we think she should have given a better explanation. She blamed it on her failing marriage but she should still do something sweet for the evil things she said to Khloe.

We are hoping that Kim tells Kris on the next episode how unhappy she is — and maybe we’ll finally see Kim file those divorce papers!

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