January 16, 2012


Kid Cudi takes his fandom for Pink Floyd to the next level with his latest artwork. The ‘Day ‘n’ Nite’ artist unveiled his new tattoo of “Pink” on his right hand in honor of the ’60s rock band that achieved worldwide acclaim with their progressive rock music.

“New Tat … Love It,” he writes on his Tumblr post. The artwork resembles the lettering of the band’s name Pink Floyd. We are wondering if Cudi will follow up and get “Floyd” tatted on his left hand, as well.

The group’s psychedelic sound is what fueling Cudi’s creative process at the moment. He’s currently working on his rock album ‘WZRD,’ his collaborative project with producer Dot da Genius. Last year, he gave fans a taste of the music with the song ‘Brake.’ The album was due to hit stores on Jan. 30 but the release date has been postponed.

In the meantime, Cudi has been hitting the road previewing some of his music to his fans. The rapper-singer recently performed a few rock-inspired songs at the Heatwave Festival in Middleton, Australia.

Cudi sung for the first-time ever live his guitar-charged anthem ‘Brake’ much to the crowd’s delight. “He’s rocking on,” said one concertgoer. “It’s Kid Cudi, he can do whatever the f— he wants.” Cudi then follows that performance with a new song called ‘Teleport 2 Me.’ The tune sounds like a love ballad of sorts, as Cudi pines for a distant lover. “I need your body, right here / Want you teleport 2 me / I want you girl,” he croons.

Check out the footage below.

Watch Kid Cudi & WZRD Live Performance of ‘Brake’
Watch Kid Cudi & WZRD Live Performance ‘Teleport 2 Me’

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