January 15, 2012

Ke$ha Shaving Half of Her Head for 'New Year. New Album' (5 PHOTOS)

'New Year. New album. New hair. Get pumped,' the 'Tik Tok' hitmaker explains after showing off her brand new mohawk look.

Ke$ha might have introduced her new image for her upcoming studio album. The "Your Love Is My Drug" singer, who has long wavy blonde hair, shaves half of her head and styles it in a mohawk do. She later shows off her new look on Twitter.

"Animals! I just shaved the side of my head! wanna see a pic???" the K-Dollar Sign-Ha greeted her devotees on the micro-blogging site on Wednesday, January 11. When one of her followers quizzed her about the new hair do, she tweeted, "New year. New album. New hair. Get pumped." 

Ke$ha has a big goal for the upcoming CD. She wants to bring back rock and roll back to its former glory. "I feel like I don't necessarily agree, but people say that rock and roll is dead, and it is my mission and my goal to resurrect it in the form of my pop music," she once said. 

Additionally, she wants to reinvent pop music in the upcoming sophomore set. "I want to take enough time to make sure it's the reinvention of pop music," she revealed. "So I'm planning on taking as much time as I need, but May sounds about right." 

So far most of her Twitter followers are pleased with the look. One fan tweeted: 'Hott [sic],' while someone else said that she loved it.

However, at least one Ke$ha fan wasn't quick to praise the singer, saying: 'oooh errr kesha not sure about that look...'

Old look: The pop star had longer hair
The Your Love Is My Drug pop star is not the first pop star to take the bold step. 

Good Girl Gone Bad singer Rihanna has shaved the side of her head before, also wearing various versions of the Mohawk.

She also once shaved the back and sides of her hair completely off, in an homage to Eighties singer Grace Jones. 

She is only 11 but Whip My Hair singer Willow Smith also had the modern-day Mohawk. 

Meanwhile R&B singer Cassie is known for the daring look and even former Spice Girl Mel B - and her daughter Angel tried the hairstyle a few years ago.

 Whipping their hair: Both Rihanna and Willow Smith have shaved parts of their head
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