January 1, 2012

Kathy Griffin Goes Nearly Nude During CNN's New Year's Eve Show (Video)

The comedian shocked her co-host Anderson Cooper, and broke the network's "no nudity" rule, removing everything but her bra and underwear in the middle of Times Square.

Kathy Griffin delivered a New Year's surprise to co-host Anderson Cooper, the crowd in New York's Times Square and most likely many viewers at home, on Saturday night during the duo's live NYE coverage for CNN.

The comedian, who has been reprimanded by the network in years past for using profanity and yelling at a heckler while serving as host, broke another rule Dec. 31. During a comercial break, Griffin stripped down to her bra and underwear, unbeknownst to Cooper. 

"Oh, my Lord," he exclaimed as the camera panned back, revealing Griffin's new look. "Are you frickin' kidding me," Cooper asked multiple times before telling viewers, he didn't know she was planning to remove her clothes.

Griffin tried to explain the prank, by comparing her skimpy state to the event's previous performer, Lady Gaga. "I was inspired," she said. 

But, Cooper wasn't having it, and held up a "No Nudity" sign while Griffin argued that she wasn't nude and called the broadcaster a "big square who won't let me have any fun."

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