January 26, 2012

Justin Bieber Performs at Michael Jackson Tribute! (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber supported his idol, Michael Jackson, at his Hand & Footprint Ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood Jan. 26 and HollywoodLife.com was there to catch the magical moment!

Justin Bieber has credited much of his love of music and dancing to the late Michael Jackson, so he wanted to come out and honor the memory of his idol at Michael’s Hand & Footprint Ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, alongside the Jackson children.

Paris Jackson introduced Justin this morning to the packed crowd, saying, “My father would have been proud to mentor this person — Justin Bieber — and I am a big fan of his.”

Justin, 17, looked adorable when he came on stage, telling the audience, “I don’t usually get nervous, but I’m kind of a little right now. Michael meant so much to me. I know he meant a lot to you guys as well. He was more than entertainer. He was an inspiration. He was kind, gentle and very charitable. People are going to remember him for his dancing and singing, but people have to remember him for being the man he was. Everything I do, [I look at Michael Jackson].”

He added, “I used to look in the mirror and sing ‘Rockin’ Robin’ to myself. When I was really little. I want to sing a little of that for you guys.”

The world famous pop star then sang an acoustic version of his old favorite and brought the house down. “Thank you so much. Have a blessed day. Michael, I love you!” he said, filled with emotion.

At the end of the ceremony, Justin posed next to Paris, 13, and Katherine Jackson in front of Michael’s hand and footprints. It was obvious Justin and Paris have a great friendship, as they were chatting and laughing after the ceremony.

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