January 29, 2012


When you’re as famous as Justin Bieber, you can’t even go to the bathroom without it making the news … literally. The teen phenom was actually recorded simply walking out of a restroom in Cannes, France following a performance at the NRJ Music Awards.

While Bieber was doing his business, a huge crowd formed outside of the bathroom, making his needs an event in themselves. Can you imagine all that pressure just when you’re trying to pee? One of the subjects speaking in the video agreed. “I would be embarrassed,” the man said. “Imagine, you come out of the bathroom and have 100 people waiting for you! I mean, I would be scared.” The gentleman’s guest concurred. “It’s awful! Poor man!” … but there they remained, waiting for Bieber to emerge. If they felt so bad, wouldn’t they leave him to his business?

Fans swarmed with cameras and cellphones, even cheering on another man who exited the toilet before Bieber did. It’s hard to see just how big the crowd is until the Biebs makes his grand exit — the camera pans out at the throngs of people just hoping to catch a glimpse of the star walking down a hallway to make his final exit.

The subject of the video is particularly hilarious towards the end. Obviously joking (we hope), he tells the camera, “Let’s go see the toilet where Justin Bieber had a pee.”

While the Biebs is almost as well known for adoring his fans as he is for his hit songs, this is all a bit much. Here’s hoping he never forgets to flush.

Watch Justin Bieber Come Out of the Bathroom

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