January 31, 2012

‘Gossip Girl’ Spoiler: Chuck & Blair Are ‘Never Over,’ Producers Reveal

Following a screening of the 100th episode of ‘Gossip Girl,’ two executive producers promised there will always be hope for Chair fans!

At this point, you’ve seen Blair Waldorf’s wedding in Gossip Girl‘s 100th episode and are probably screaming at the TV, “But what about Chuck and Blair?!” Don’t worry — that’s the same thing all of press members were saying after a screening last week and we didn’t hold back about Chair when harassing executive producers Joshua Safran and Stephanie Savage during a panel afterward.

“Chuck and Blair are never over,” Josh said, reassuring us. “So…um, I think it’s just, you know, there’s always been a thorn in the side of Chuck somewhere and I think, you know, maybe it’ll be Dan, maybe it’ll be someone else.”

So will Chuck and Blair forever be fighting for love and never have a happily ever after? At this point, that might be the case.

“It’s a very torturous relationship for both of them and I think in a weird way, sometimes people love that torture and sometimes people can’t stand that torture — I think that’s going to be sort of the balance,” Josh explained.

At this point, Stephanie jumped in to defend Chair’s relationship. “They’re young. It seems like a long time in the course of the life of the show, but in the course of their actual lives, come on…[five] years of torture!”

That said, we also asked if Chuck will abandon his newfound, gentlemanly ways in the wake of Blair’s decision. Thankfully, he’s not going to rebound back to his wild self…just yet.

“We do believe Chuck has learned and still is continuing to learn and that evolution is real,” they told us. “It’s not so easily lost or so easily gained. Although, he will continue to be tested.”

Thankfully, we’ve been promised at least another season of Gossip Girl to see Blair and Chuck battle for each other’s hearts. Do YOU think they are destined to be together forever?

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