January 5, 2012

Frances Bean Cobain Engaged to Isaiah Silva, Talks About Relationship (9 PHOTOS)

Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of late Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain and actress/rocker Courtney Love, is engaged--and she's only 19! She and fiancé Isaiah Silva, 26, are already living together. They actually got engaged back in October, but Silva only recently told People the details of their relationship. Silva is the lead singer and guitarist of a band called The Rambles (the who? Exactly--no doubt his connection to rock royalty will help sell some albums).

Frances Bean Cobain, a striking, blue-eyed and pouty-lipped young lady, is a relatively quiet person (despite some past public controversy with her mom), and is just coming into the limelight. This past summer, she modeled for photographer Hedi Slimane of Dior, and The New York Times named it "one of the most anticipated comings of age in recent pop cultural history." She looks absolutely beautiful in the photos and much older than 19. But is the girl selling herself short by getting married too young?

In spite of the possibility that Silva is using the relationship to help his band (mere speculation, of course), he claims that the two are "each other's everything," as well as a normal, quiet couple--"homebodies" who don't go out clubbing or getting drunk, and they try to avoid the hard-core partying and drug-induced lifestyle that typically accompanies rock 'n' roll. Silva says that Cobain is a "strong, intelligent" woman, and that the two have both experienced the hardship of having to grow up too quickly. But, he says that they're madly in love.

Madly in love or not, 19 is way too young to get married! Let the girl live a little. Perhaps Silva recognizes that Frances Bean Cobain is coming into the limelight and so he wants to lock the relationship down before she pursues other opportunities. What do you think of their young engagement: stupid or romantic? Do you think that their marriage would last?


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