January 31, 2012

David Guetta Builds Nicki Minaj Doll In 'Turn Me On' Video (VIDEO)

Guetta plays mad scientist creating Minaj out of scrap parts.

David Guetta has enlisted Nicki Minaj for a steampunk-inspired affair for the pair's "Turn Me On" music video.

In the clip, Guetta plays a mad scientist creating his very own Nicki Minaj from scrap parts. The clip opens on Guetta, perhaps trying out some early cosmetic-surgery tactics, putting the final touches on his Minaj doll plans. Then it focuses on the mechanisms behind the Nicki being: latex lips, brass wiring, tubing and lots of gizmos.

As the song hits the chorus for the first time, fans get a very NSFW view of his creation. Her plastic skin is shiny and completely bare as she slowly transforms into the very human-looking Nicki. Seemingly pleased with his creation, Guetta unleashes it onto the world.

Minaj is now free to roam the streets, filled with other doll-like creatures who can't help but stare at Guetta's incredibly lifelike creation. With Minaj continuing her journey through town, the other doll creatures make their way to Guetta's lab, where he begins to work on them too, giving them more lifelike appearances. The female creatures then turn him into a man made completely of chain mail. Meanwhile, Nicki is surrounded by the male dolls as she belts out the song.

As the video wraps up, Minaj is spotted riding her horse around town, as the female dolls make their escape from Guetta's place of business.

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The video was shot late last year and directed by Sanji (the director behind videos for Mary J. Blige, Lauryn Hill, Jesse McCartney and more). At the American Music Awards last November, MTV News spoke to Guetta about working with the fierce rapper. "I want to see the reaction that people are gonna have because they are going to hear Nicki like they've never heard her before. ... I really can't wait to get the reaction from the American audience when they're gonna see her sing like this because she is killing it. ... She always comes with the crazy ideas," he said. "So it's very exciting."

This is the second collabo for Guetta and Minaj. They also appeared together on his track "Where Them Girls At."

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