January 29, 2012

Britney Spears Accuses Sam Lutfi Of 'Wrongful Retention' Of Her Drug Test Results! (PHOTOS)

Washington, Jan 29 (ANI): Britney Spears’ lawyers have accused the singer’s former manager, Sam Lutfi of “wrongful retention” of her drug test results in 2007.

The results were ordered sealed as Spears was embroiled in a bitter custody dispute at the time with ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and Lutfi wants to use them as exhibits in the upcoming trial, where he sues the pop star and her family for breach of contract and defamation.

Team Spears wants to ensure that the information is not shown to jurors.

Lutfi is suing the singer’s parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears along with the pop queen.

Lynne wrote a book, ‘Through The Storm’, that discussed Lutfi’s role in Britney’s life leading up to her very public meltdown, which resulted in Jamie gaining conservatorship of his daughter in 2008.

Lawyers for Spears’ conservatorship accuse Lutfi of violating a previous judge’s ruling in the custody dispute that sealed the drug test results, by attempting to introduce those documents into his lawsuit against the Spears clan, Radar Online reported.

Lutfi wants to formally introduce into evidence at the trial a declaration from Britney that she gave in 2007 which dealt with her medication’s effect on her ability to drive her children along with declarations from drug testing officials and her former doctor, Dr. James DeLong, which addressed her physical and mental health and a monitored visitation report.

Spears lawyers contend that Lutfi has no legal right to introduce this evidence unless he formally files a motion with the judge that had ordered those documents sealed.

The recently engaged pop star’s lawyers want the judge handling the lawsuit to not allow the disputed exhibits because he does not have the proper jurisdiction to do so.

A hearing date for this latest legal salvo in the ongoing Sam Lutfi saga has not been set because a new judge has yet to be assigned to the case after the previous judge was reassigned to a judicial panel.

It’s quite obvious that Sam Lutfi is seeking these drug test results in order to prove his claim that he never drugged her

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