January 30, 2012

Avril's beau feeling inadequate

LOS ANGELES -- Avril Lavigne is touring in Asia next month to promote her new album, Goodbye Lullaby. And her boyfriend, Brody Jenner, is rumoured to be boo-hooing about it.

"I have to go to Asia to get a meeting with her," Jenner belly-ached.

Jenner, 28, is said to be feeling less of a man because 27-year-old Avril Lavigne is a rich pop star.

"He hasn't worked and he wants to," one of his concerned pals told Us magazine. I could be wrong, but the source is very likely to be one of the Kardashian girls, who are his step-sisters and are close to the editors at Us.

While Jenner makes a decent living modelling, acting in reality shows such as The Hills and showing up to parties for $20,000 an appearance -- he can't touch Lavigne in the business savvy or talent department.

Forbes estimated Lavigne's worth last year at $45 million. But now, with the Sally Hansen nail polish endorsements and her Abbey Dawn line of clothing a sales smash-hit, the digits on her worth are rapidly increasing.

Rumours are surely correct that Jenner is feeling dwarfed by the Canadian's success.

After all, he's used to being the big guy (figuratively and literally, as he stands 6-foot-2) in the relationship. His father is Olympian Bruce Jenner and he's known for dating ditzy Playboy models and B-level actresses who swoon at his feet.

Unfortunately, Lavigne and Jenner seem to be patching things up.

Jenner tweeted last week: "Avril has always been there for me and is the closest person to my heart. I love her."

Lavigne tweeted back: "Luv u 2!!! @brodyjenner."

But Lavigne could have meant anything by that. She is known to stay friendly with all her exes.

She and Jenner started dating in the spring of 2010. They initially met at a club, where they were introduced to each other by none other than one of Jenner's alleged exes, Paris Hilton.

This was a period when Lavigne was at her lowest. With the nasty split from ex-husband Deryck Whibley, she had lost her music mojo and ended up being more than a year late producing her new album.

Lavigne spent a lot of time at Jenner's place, often toting along her acoustic guitar.

Whenever they ventured into the Hollywood clubs, they were known for getting into fights with the locals or going off to find an all-night tattoo parlour where they could get tattoos of each other's names.

But that was last year.

Now, Lavigne seems to be back on track and stronger than ever.

Does this beautiful, intelligent, strong dynamo really need a boyfriend who is threatened by that?

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