January 18, 2012

Angelina Jolie Snubbed by Oscars...Already? Nope, but Another A-Lister Was

There are a few ways Angelina Jolie could get a good seat at next month's Oscars: She could serve as a presenter; she could go as presumed Best Actor nominee Brad Pitt's date; and/or, however unlikely, she could contend for Best Picture.

But, Golden Globes glory or no, she absolutely won't get there via the Foreign Language Film category.
And neither will Christian Bale.

The Academy on Wednesday issued its short list for Best Foreign Language Film. Nine movies, out of an eligible 63, made the cut, including the Globes winner, the Iranian drama A Separation.

Jolie's In the Land of Blood and Honey, which she directed (and produced and wrote and…), and Bale's The Flowers of War, which he starred in, were MIA.

The Jolie film, despite its Globes nomination, and its Bosian and Serbian dialogue, was never in the game. The Oscars requires that its Foreign Language candidates not only feature foreign languages (i.e., not English), but be produced outside of the United States. And while In the Land of Blood and Honey was shot overseas, as many Hollywood films are, it's a U.S. release.

So, to recap: Jolie wasn't snubbed just as she wasn't snubbed back in October, when the initial list of hopefuls was unveiled.

As for the Bale film: Flowers of War wasn't only snubbed, it was (kinda) surprisingly snubbed.

The movie, which was China's official entry, had a lot going for it: a big star, a big budget and a big push from the Golden Globes. But it also had big image problems when the Chinese government engaged in headline-making Bale-bashing.

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban. 

The cute couple basks in the Globes' 
afterglow at the HBO party.
With Flowers of War out, and Blood and Honey never around, A Separation, assuming it makes the Oscar finals, will face an entirely different slate of movies than it did at the Globes.

Belgium's The Kid WIth a Bike and Spain's The Skin I Live In, by Oscar-winner Pedro Almodóvar, the Globes' other Foreign Language nominees, were not submitted to the Oscars by their respective countries, and are also sidelined.

Jolie, meanwhile, could still punch her own Oscar ticket with a Best Picture nod. After all, her film's eligible, as are Flowers of War, some of the other Foreign Language contenders and also-rans—and, well, more than 200 others.

Then again, there's no shame in being Pitt's plus-one.

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