June 30, 2011

Gomez dishes on each of the 12 tracks on her new album.

Just one year after Disney Channel graduate (and Justin Bieber's main gal) Selena Gomez released her second album, "A Year Without Rain," Gomez got the band -- The Scene -- back together for album number three, "When the Sun Goes Down."

"I'm really proud of it," Gomez tells Billboard.com of the album, out today (June 28). "I definitely think this is a different kind of album for me." "When the Sun Goes Down" features a diverse array of themes, most of which speak to the burgeoning maturity of its now 18-year-old creator. "I think it ages me up a little bit," she says.

Shortly before Gomez's June 23 appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the singer sat down with Billboard.com to walk us through every track on "When the Sun Goes Down." Watch the video track-by-track above, or read what Gomez had to say below. Not only does Gomez explain why every album needs a breakout song, she reveals which songs made the album because of her mom.

1. "Love You Like a Love Song"

"[This] will be my second single. It's one of those tracks that's addictive because it's kind of repetitive in the best way. It's one of those songs that you can't get out of your head. It was written by Tim [James] and Antonina [Armato] of Rock Mafia and they're so sweet."

2. "Bang, Bang, Bang"
"It's a really fun, cheeky song. It's kind of an insult/compliment song about someone that used to be in your life and now someone who is in your life who's amazing. It's a sweet song and I feel like a lot of girls can related to it especially."

3. "Who Says"
"It's probably my favorite I've ever recorded. I think it's really meaningful and it's kind of a big anthem. It went platinum so it's my second song ever that's platinum. I was really excited, I was in the car when I found out promoting the third album. It gave me a big boost."

4. "We Own the Night"
"It made the album because of my mom. Then I became crazy obsessed with it because it's a beautiful song. It was really fun to sing. I love Pixie Lott. I think she's incredible and talented. She co-wrote the song with Toby Gad."

5. "Hit the Lights"
"I feel like everyone can relate to that song. It's kind of one of those songs about living in the moment while keeping it a big huge summer dance track."

6. "Whiplash"
"I love the lyrics saying you're completely in love with someone and you're going to crash into them and get whiplash. The funny thing about that is that I actually did get into an accident two days before I recorded that song. I didn't get whiplash, it wasn't a bad accident but it was really funny."

7. "When the Sun Goes Down"
"It's really special to my bass player, Joey, who wrote it. And I got to rewrite the bridge of it as well. It felt like we got to do that as a band."

8. "My Dilemma"
"'My Dilemma' is my Kelly Clarkson kind of pop rock. You have to have a break up song. You have to have one of those songs about a boy that drives you crazy. It's really just one of those songs that I can sing over and over and over again."

9. "That's More Like It"
"[This] is a little bit of a cheeky '50s kind of theme; back then you always kind of assumed that the woman would cook for you and the guys would go work. The song kind of flips that and says 'you can massage my feet, you can take care of me, you can cook me dinner.' I think girls will enjoy singing that though I apologize to all of the boys who will be hearing that song."

10. "Outlaw"
"In the bridge it says I'm from the Lone Star state which makes me very happy because I'm very proud of where I came from. But it's actually kind of spooky and really pretty. That's the only way I can describe it. It's a very fun, weird track."

11. "Middle of Nowhere"
"I didn't write that one but it's gorgeous and I feel like everybody can relate to it. Then you add all the fun pop beats and synths behind the song and it just really makes you want to move."

12. "Dices"
"'Dices' is 'Who Says' in Spanish. We actually recorded that because I recorded 'A Year Without Rain' in Spanish and it did really well and I love being able to connect with that side of me. I'm not fluent in Spanish so it's nice to sing it and makes my family proud."

Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga Among Week's Biggest Social Media Stars

The “Monte Carlo” star and “Born This Way” singer are among those seeing big gains in Twitter followers and online video views.
As expected, Monte Carlo star Selena Gomez climbs 16-5 on the Social 50 chart thanks to the buzz generated the premiere of her video for the song "Love You Like a Love Song." Read THR's Monte Carlo review here.

Since debuting June 23, the video has pulled in nearly 8 million Vevo views, respectively (a 107% week-to-week increase).
Elsewhere, Gomez saw a 33% week-to-week decline in Facebook Fans, claiming 260,367 Likes where Katy Perry -- who herself moves 2-3 -- gained 651,000.

On the other hand, Gomez saw a 95% weekly increase in Twitter followers - -up 99,000 -- which is the seventh highest of the week. Understandably, in terms of the largest Twitter boost, Lady Gaga (3-2) comes in at top with 169,5000 new followers.

In other stats, according to the real-time Twitter search engine Topsy, fans have tweeted about the video for "Love You Like a Love Song" over 9,500 times.

Though the June 28 release of her latest album, When The Sun Goes Down, falls outside of the tracking week, its momentum will likely propel her higher in the Social 50 tally the following week.

The Social 50 ranks the most active artists on the world's leading social networking sites -- YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and iLike -- using a formula blending weekly additions of friends/fans/followers along with weekly artist page views and weekly song plays.

Another chart leap comes by way of David Guetta, who moves 24-16. Two teasers for the video for the song "Where Them Girls At" -- featuring Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj - collected 1.5 million YouTube views. At the end of August, Guetta is set to release his fifth studio album, Nothing But the Beat. He also saw a 22% week-to-week increase in MySpace plays, which amounted to a mere 5,200 plays.

At No. 29, Tyler Ward earns the highest chart re-entry this week. On June 16, he released a video for a cover of "Dirt Road Anthem" by Jason Aldean, which soon took off and gained 354,000 YouTube views, respectively. Outside of the tracking week, he also released a cover of "Good Life" -- featuring Heather Janssen -- by One Republic. Since its June 27 debut, the video has earned 282,000 YouTube views.

Box Office Preview: Julia Roberts and Selena Gomez Enter the Fray
South Korean boy band 2PM debuts at No. 35 on the Social 50 chart thanks to the premiere of its video for "Hands Up" on June 20. The dance track - featured on an album of the same name -- gained 2.4 million YouTube views, respectively (a 207% week-to-week increase).

Last week, Sean Kingston, who landed in the hospital after a tragic accident, was released after a three-week stay. This news helped Kingston re-enter the tally at No. 39, with a 47% week-to-week increase in support across all monitored social networks (53,000 Twitter followers and 245,500 Facebook fans).

As for the rest of the top 10, Justin Bieber (No. 1), Rihanna (No. 6), Michael Jackson (No. 7), and Nicki Minaj (No. 10) hold their respective positions, while Shakira (5-4), Eminem (4-8), and Linkin Park (12-9) mix up the order.

Movie Review: 'Monte Carlo' [movie trailer]

Leighton Meester, left, Selena Gomez and Katie Cassidy star "Monte Carlo." (Larry Horricks, 20th Century Fox / July 1, 2011)
So "Monte Carlo" turns out to be a lot easier to take than both "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" and "Larry Crowne." You never know.

Here's the sort of hardened show business veteran we have in Selena Gomez, who spent two seasons way back in her preteens on "Barney & Friends." We have the star of Disney Channel's "Wizards of Waverly Place." We have the star of Disney's TV movie "Princess Protection Program." We have a hard-working vocalist, whose first album came out in 2009. We have the woman who launched her own Kmart clothing line. Well. Hers and Kmart's.

And here's the nice thing. Unlike a few other well-drilled young actress-singers we could name, such as the one whose name rhymes with "Riley Myrus," Gomez knows how to relax on camera. In "Monte Carlo" she plays Grace, a graduating small-town high school Texas girl who dreams of Paris. That dream comes true, with a caveat: She and fellow waitress pal Meg (Katie Cassidy) end up traveling with a late-addition third wheel, Grace's scold of a stepsister (Leighton Meester).

Adapted from Jules Bass's novel "Headhunters," "Monte Carlo" leans hard in the early going on tiresome bickering between Meg and Emma, characters in the early 20s, while Gomez's 18-year-old Grace keeps the peace even as their package tour starts feeling like a chore. Then, bigger complications: The threesome gets separated from the group after an Eiffel Tower visit. And Grace is mistaken for a snotty British socialite (also played by Gomez), for whom she is a dead ringer.

Then it's off to Monte Carlo on the socialite ruse for boys, boys, boys. Emma falls in with a louche playboy but her heart yearns for her Texas sweetheart (Cory Monteith). Meg, still grieving the death of her mother, finds a sunny Australian (Luke Bracey) to improve her outlook. Grace fakes her way through polo matches and deals with her attraction to a nice French boy (Pierre Boulanger). Disguises, deceptions — you could call the narrative of "Monte Carlo" Shakespearean, but I prefer to consider Shakespeare's romantic comedies as "Selena Gomez-esque."

Director and cowriter Thomas Bezucha lacks visual panache, and in fact leaves most of the panache in general to composer Michael Giacchino's swank and charming ditties and montage accompaniments. Still, the characters and the film grow on you. Meester more or less steals it. She plays the character undergoing the most compelling transformation, and her comic touch is both deft and subtle. "Monte Carlo" is nothing much, but it leaves your soul un-crushed and this week, especially, it's cause for a celebration-ette.


MPAA rating: PG (for brief mild language)

Cast: Selena Gomez (Grace); Katie Cassidy (Emma); Leighton Meester (Meg); Luke Bracey (Riley); Cory Monteith (Owen); Pierre Boulanger (Theo); Catherine Tate (Aunt Alicia)

Credits: Directed by Thomas Bezucha; written by Thomas Bezucha, April Blair and Maria Maggenti; based on the novel "Headhunters" by Jules Bass; produced by Denise Di Novi, Alison Greenspan and Nicole Kidman. A 20th Century Fox release. Running time: 1:49. Opens Friday.

Justin Bieber’s diva-sized ego tempered by Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest superstars on the planet, but a number of sources close to the musical phenom report Bieber’s diva-like behavior has been showcasing an ego as large as his worldwide popularity.

While the pop star’s outbursts — like when he blasted a BET Awards show official Sunday for refusing to admit a Bieber bodyguard — are regular occurrences, one Bieber buddy has another take on it all.

“Yes, Justin can get testy at times, but who wouldn’t considering he is hounded by the paparazzi and other media types 24/7. Remember, he’s just a kid and, I think, is extremely mature for someone his age,” the source said.

Another source on Team Bieber reveals the singer has a calming influence: his girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

“Maybe it’s because she ‘gets’ it, fully understands the whole fame thing because she deals with it herself,” said the Bieber defender. “But boy, she sure can make him laugh at the insanity of it all, and get him to relax and have fun.”

NOTHING ILLEGAL: Tobey Maguire’s lawyers have responded to a lawsuit filed against the “Spider-Man” star in connection with a bankruptcy case involving a claim that a now-jailed investment manager misappropriated funds to pay Maguire’s supposed $300,000 winnings in an illegal poker game.

Maguire’s filing categorically denies he has ever participated in “controlled games,” which require the host to have a license.

As first reported by TMZ, Maguire also denies he’s ever done anything illegal or attempted to defraud anyone, though he did admit to “being invited” to participate in the poker games in question.

TAKE A BOW: After all the bizarre Charlie Sheen news, it’s nice to report the actor’s class-act father, Martin Sheen, will be the honoree at the Chicago International Film Festival’s annual summer gala. The Aug. 19 fete at the AMC River East and Sheraton Chicago will feature the Chicago premiere of “The Way,” starring Sheen and directed by his far less controversial son, actor and director Emilio Estevez. The evening will include a special father and son conversation between Sheen and Estevez — plus a presentation of the festival’s career achievement award to the star of “The West Wing,” “The Departed” and “Apocalypse Now.”

† Meanwhile, that other Sheen son — the notorious Charlie — is said to have mixed feelings about his ex-wife, Denise Richards, adopting a new baby. While he’s happy for the actress, he reportedly has some concerns about less attention being paid to the former couple’s daughters, Sam and Lola.

ROMANCE FILE: A longtime friend of Jennifer Aniston tells me the actress’ pals “couldn’t be happier” about her fast-moving relationship with Jason Theroux. Along with all the obvious physical attraction stuff, the duo reportedly share two big interests: animals and interior design.

Aniston’s feelings really deepened thanks to Theroux’s sensitive support after she lost her beloved pooch, Norman — whose name she has had tattooed on her foot.

OFF SHORE: Notice to the “Jersey Shore” cast — A number of Florence, Italy, merchants are claiming the reality show stars “borrowed” clothing, shoes and gift items while in the Tuscan city, but now have left town with those bills unpaid.

CHANGING PLACES: NBC’s Chris Hansen, who long has fronted the “Dateline” feature “To Catch a Predator,” using hidden cameras to trap men seeking sexual connections with minors, allegedly has been caught himself doing something inappropriate by a hidden camera.

The National Enquirer is touting its “sting” of Hansen — supposedly secretly filming the married broadcaster in a tryst with a former NBC intern (now a Florida TV reporter), 20 years his junior.

Neither Hansen nor NBC has commented on the Enquirer story.

SEEN ON THE SCENE: Veteran actor Christopher Lloyd (“Back to the Future,” “Taxi”) was spied lunching outside at Gibsons on Rush, where Oscar nominee Michael Shannon dined Tuesday. . . .
Natalie Cole made the scene at Hugo’s Frog Bar. . . . The Bulls’ Jannero Pargo checked out LuxBar. . . . Yes, that was LeAnn Rimes lunching at Rosebud on Rush’s patio.

FUNNY STUFF: The iO comedy theater is launching “Next Week in Review,” a new monthly topical revue mirroring that groundbreaking British TV show from the ’60s, “That Was the Week That Was,” hosted by David Frost.

Considering the youth of iO’s core audience, the concept won’t be retro — but totally new — when it bows July 15 in the club’s Del Close Theater, 3541 N. Clark.

Lindsay Lohan finally out of house arrest

Ending a drama-filled 35 days, Lindsay Lohan was finally freed from house arrest on Wednesday morning.

Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said that Lohan's electronic monitoring equipment was removed shortly before 10 a.m. and she was removed from the jail system around 10:20 a.m an AP report said.

Mission Impossible 4 Trailer Featuring BMW i8 And 6-Series Convertible: Video

The BMW i8 supercar, well, the working prototype of the luxury automaker's future plug-in hybrid, has been spotted several times before on the set of the latest Mission Impossible movie, but now we have the first official trailer starring the prototype as well as the recently revealed BMW 6-Series Convertible.

So far we've seen the i8 in locations in Vancouver, Canada as well as Mumbai, India but filming has also taken place in the UK and the United Arab Emirates so it could easily have been in those other locations too.

The advanced plug-in hybrid supercar is expected to be featured as the personal ride of the main character Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise.

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol isn't set to open in cinemas until December 16 so you can bet that more trailers will be released before then.

Tea Leoni, David Duchovny are separated once again - latimes.com

Tea Leoni and David Duchovny have separated for the second time in their 14-year marriage, according to multiple reports Wednesday morning after a statement was released.

They reportedly have not decided whether to divorce.

The acting couple, who have two kids, married in 1997 after meeting on "The Tonight Show." He was starring in "The X-Files" at the time, while she was on "The Naked Truth."

They renewed their vows in 2009, after separating in 2008.


That separation, which saw "Californication" star Duchovny heading off to rehab for sex addiction, sparked rumors an affair between him and his Hungarian-born tennis coach, and sexting between Leoni and -- wait for it -- Billy Bob Thornton. (Thornton quickly put the kibosh on the story involving him, and a lawsuit filed by Duchovny had the Daily Mail soon retracting its story about instructor Elsa Patay as categorically untrue. Patay denied it too.)

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Stargazing | Newsweek ponders Princess Diana at 50 - KansasCity.com

The latest Newsweek cover has a computer-generated image of the late Princess Diana walking with Kate Middleton.

In this magazine cover image released by Newsweek, a computer-generated image of Princess Diana is shown with Kate Middleton on the cover of the July 4, 2011 issue of Newsweek magazine. Diana was killed in a car accident in 1997 and would have turned 50 on Friday. In April, Middleton married Prince William, the oldest son of Diana and Prince Charles.

Editor-in-chief (and Diana biographer) Tina Brown apparently thought it would be interesting to imagine what Diana would look like today. She would have turned 50 on Friday.

"What would she have been like?" Tina writes. "Still great-looking: that's a given …

"Fashionwise, Diana would have gone the J.Crew and Galliano route a la Michelle Obama, always knowing how to mix the casual with the glam. There is no doubt she would have kept her chin taut with strategic Botox shots and her bare arms buff from the gym.

"Remarriage? At least two, I suspect, on both sides of the Atlantic."

Stargazing is not amused.

Runaway bride, Part I

Red flag alert.

Just days before her wedding to Prince Albert II of Monaco, the French media suggested that bride-to-be Charlene Wittstock tried to escape to her native South Africa "only hours after learning that Albert had not been leading the exemplary life she thought."

"Completely, completely crazy," Prince Albert's chief adviser, Christiane Stahl, tells People magazine.

"Please believe me, none of this is true, and we think it comes from utter jealousy. Charlene never left to go to the airport, nothing like that ever happened. She was never upset and never wanted to stop the wedding."

Here's hoping for a fairy tale ending to this union.

Runaway bride, Part II

Come on, people. Don't judge Hugh Hefner for hooking up so quickly with another blond girlfriend after being dumped by fiancĂ©e Crystal Harris.

Leave the judging to us.

The backlash was fierce when he announced on Twitter this week that he has hooked up with SheraBechard, who used to be Crystal's best friend.

When someone asked if Crystal had left because she knew Hugh liked Shera, Hugh replied that his interest in Shera "came after the stunner from Crystal."

America the beautiful

And speaking of brides …

America Ferrera looked like an angel in a stunning Amsale wedding gown and Fred Leighton earrings when she wed longtime boyfriend Ryan Piers Williams Monday night.

The "Ugly Betty" star got married in "an intimate setting amongst close friends and family," her rep said.

PETA's pets

What do Russell Brand and Kristen Wiig have in common? They're both darn funny. But this week, they're also PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities of 2011.

Russell has been a vegetarian since he was 14. And Kristen once told Women's Health magazine that tofu and soy are her go-to proteins of choice.

Headin' for Broadway

Meet Alicia Keys, Broadway producer.

This fall, she'll help produce the Lydia R. Diamond play "Stick Fly," a contemporary comedy about an affluent black family vacationing at Martha's Vineyard, where the insecurities of the characters gradually come to light.

"I'm passionate about this play because it is so beautifully written and portrays black America in a way that we don't often get to see in entertainment," Alicia said in a statement. The play officially opens Dec. 8 at New York's Lyceum Theatre.

When Lisa Gutierrez isn't wondering how many strategic Botox shots Tina Brown has had in her face, she's Stargazing among published reports of celebrity life

Diablo Cody Making Her Directorial Debut With Religion-Themed Lamb Of God - CinemaBlend.com

Diablo Cody Making Her Directorial Debut With Religion-Themed Lamb Of God image

Four years after her breakthrough screenplay for Juno, and two years after her follow-up film Jennifer's Body failed to win too much love, Diablo Cody is finally writing for the screen again this fall, retiming with her Juno director for the dark comedy Young Adult. Now that her TV show The United States of Tara is finally, officially cancelled though, she's got even more time to devote to movies, and has carved out enough time to make her feature directing debut. According to a press release from Mandate Pictures (via Coming Soon), Cody will direct her own original screenplay, Lamb of God, which is indeed as religiously themed as you'd assume from the title.

Here's the actual plot description as provided in the press release:

The comedy follows a young conservative religious woman who loses her faith after a plane crash, decides to go to Las Vegas to live the life of a sinner, and on her journey finds her way back to her faith.

There seem to be about half a dozen hot-button issues in that plot description alone, from all the cinematic possibilities of "the life of a sinner" to the entire notion of a screenwriter who made her career with a story about teen pregnancy tackling all the thorny ideas of conservative religious faith. Maybe Cody knows it's tricky material and thinks she's the only person who can properly handle it. Or, as we all pretty much know by now, maybe she's just a woman who's always up for a challenge.

In addition to this fall's Young Adult, which will have the always-interesting writer out on the publicity circuit for the first time in years, Cody is still working on a movie adaptation of the Sweet Valley High book series, something that I, as a child of the 80s, am dying to see. There's no word on when that film might actually get made, though, and given all the nostalgia wrapped in with the stories about Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, it might been an even trickier project than Lamb of God. Either way, it's been two long years since Jennifer's Body, and I'm at least looking forward to having Cody's distinctive voice back at the movies. 

June 29, 2011

So that's how she got that body! Avril Lavigne does a set of impressive push-ups on board luxury yacht

Photo:Avril Lavigne horses around while vacationing with friends on a yacht in Saint Tropez

Avril Lavigne has one hot body and is rightly showing it off on her vacation in the South of France.

And the singer gave a hint as to how she got her physique into such great shape by engaging in a push-up competition with a female friend on board
a luxury yacht in St. Tropez yesterday.

The 26-year-old Sk8er Boi songstress completed the exercises with ease which she performed while wearing a flattering purple and black bikini.

Avril later took a dip in the crystal blue sea and enjoyed soaking up the Mediterranean sunshine.

It also seems like Avril is set to sail into familiar territory and affectionately embraced ex-husband Deryck Whibley who joined her on ocean ride.

The toned singer couldn't stop smiling as she exchanged glances and chatted with the Sum 41 rocker.

Is romance afloat? Avril Lavigne was seen getting cosy with her ex-husband Deryck Whibley on board the luxury yacht

The What the Hell singer has been enjoying a trip along the French Riviera with friends for several days, but her boyfriend of one year, Brody Jenner has been strangely absent.

Just last week she and Brody were spotted looking loved-up in Toronto, Canada, where she was performing at the MuchMusic Awards.

Perhaps the star is taking time to relax before recording her next album - the sequel to this year's Goodbye Lullaby.

'I already have eight songs,' she recently told her fansite. 'I would like to release the fifth album really quick.'

She added: 'This record was more mellow, and the next one will be pop and more fun again. I already have a song that I know is going to be a single, I just need to re-record it!'

Avril has been dating Brody since February last year following her split with Deryck Whibley, a guitarist.

The couple were married for just over three years before announcing their split in September 2009 with their divorce finalised in November 2010.

The singer says writing songs about the emotional experience helped her through the split along with confiding in her girlfriends.

'They were there for me,' she told TV Week magazine. 'It did me really good to be able to tell them everything.

'It helped me come to terms with the things that had happened.'

She added: 'It also helped put my feelings down in paper. It was comforting. It's always been like that for me.

Photo:Friendly: Despite their divorce, Avirl and Deryck appear to be good friends

'When I was a kid, I had my diary to confide everything in. Now I write songs. It really was a form of healing.'

What she writes in her diary about the two men in her life would make fascinating reading indeed.

But one thing's for sure, she won't be able to forget Jenner easily if the couple do break up.

Avril has Brody's name tattooed on her ribs, while he returns the gesture with her name inked on his arm.

“Your Sister Needs a Dog Collar” and More Pretty Little Liars Quotes From Season 2, Episode 3: “My Name is Trouble”

Pretty Little Liars proves that anyone can lie, but it takes practice to do it with style. We've rounded up the best quotes from Season 2, Episode 3: “My Name is Trouble,” including Hanna talking about people’s asses.

10. Spencer: “You stole this?”
Hanna: “No — it’s a sample.”
Who is Hanna’s legal advisor? Lindsay Lohan?

9. Alison: “Jason doesn’t have friends. He has idiots who use him to get wasted and act like Animal Planet.”
Let’s just hope they keep the feces-throwing to a minimum.

8. Hanna: [about Emily’s forgery skills] “You are totally getting me into Harvard.”
Hanna, it’s time to face facts: Not even a letter of recommendation from Obama could get you into Harvard.

7. Spencer: [on whether Jason’s sober] “I never asked him for a urine sample.”
Well, at least we know she’s classy.

6. Hanna: [to Aria, about pottery class] “I hope your first assignment is how to make a weapon.”
Considering how close Hanna has come to landing in the slammer, it might not be a bad idea for Aria to make Hanna her very own shiv.

5. Tom Marin: “If [Isabel] had her way, we’d be renting out Veterans’ Stadium.”
Most guys would only agree to a wedding at a football stadium if it meant cheerleaders at the bachelor party.

4. Melissa: “One of the perks of pregnancy — none of your shoes fit, and your fingers turn into sausages.”
In Melissa’s case, your husband also turns out to be a homicidal maniac!

3. Emily: “[My mom] keeps telling me how much I’m gonna like the rodeo.”
The only good thing about a rodeo? Cowboys in tight pants, as far as the eye can see.

2. Lucas: “According to your pal Mona, I’m right below the kid who blows his nose on notebook paper.”
Ew.. Never borrow that kid’s notes.

1. Hanna: [to Spencer] “Your sister needs one of those dog collars — you know, one of those that zap your ass whenever you leave the property.”
Hanna doesn’t seem to realize that some people pay a lot of money to get zapped on the ass every now and then.

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 16 Take The Stage!

We're still recovering from last week's double elimination, but the show must go on, people. Let's see what the lucky 8 remaining couples bring to So You Think You Can Dance this week.

Deeley style check: Hollywood starlet! Cat was nothing short of a glamorous movie star with her rhinestone mini-dress, long sparkly earrings, and Marilyn Monroe hair. Sassy!

At the judges' table: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Lil' C, and spunky Glee guest Kristin Chenoweth!

On to the performances, including two bonus group numbers, plus a look back at our contestants' first-ever performances!

Dancers: Sasha Mallory, Chris Koehl, Ryan Ramirez, Marko Germar, Clarice Ordaz, Tadd Gadduang, Miranda Maleski, and Mitchell Kelly
"Hit the Road Jack" by Tyce Diorio
Style: Broadway

As you're know, we love routines that involve throwing chairs around, so we were pumped for this Tyce number that had the girls throwing the guys around, too. The women literally rolled the boys off the stage. Fierce!

Dancers: Sasha Mallory and Alexander Fost
"Belong" by Dee Caspary
Style: Contemporary

Both Sasha and Alexander started their careers as animals, a frog and a lion respectively. Routine-wise, these two lucked out with another emotional vehicle to shine in, not to mention their own style. The whole hands creeping out of the piano at the end, though, was kinda sorta weird. Mary felt they pulled it off, while Nigel was enthralled by the idea of a piano that pops out a sexy girl. Of course he was.

Dancers: Caitlynn Lawson and Mitchell Kelly
"Put It in a Love Song" by Jean-Marc Genereux
Style: Samba

Caitlynn's debut involved an unfortunate duck dance, while Mitchell was a late bloomer, playing Leroy at age 16 in a production of Fame. Now here's a couple that can pull of Latin ballroom. Still, their samba seemed a bit slow or out of sync with the music, but Mary thought it was spectacular and Lil' C said they murdered it. Nigel felt the need to bring up how bad Wadi was at ballroom again compared to Mitchell's moves. Can't we leave Wadi alone already?

Dancers: Miranda Maleski and Robert Taylor, Jr.
"It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)" by Tyce Diorio
Style: Broadway

Miranda was originally a tapper — interesting! — while Robert excelled at Michael Jackson impersonations. Tonight, they were finally given a routine that was able to show off their true potential. Kristin had nothing bad to say, while Lil' C pondered to Miranda, "With legs like that, who needs arms?" Nigel commended Robert's ability as a partner, as did Miranda. Aw, how sweet.

Dancers: Melanie Moore and Marko Germar
"I Got You" by Nappytabs
Style: Lyrical Hip Hop

Melanie's first performance was as Little Bo Peep in a ballet-tap combo, while Marko was a jazzy hip hopper. That being said, the pair pulled off hip hop beautifully. This was one of those classic NappyTab routines where you get totally sucked into the story, in this case best friends who fall in love when he gets left at the altar. A mid-dance smooch inspired Nigel to plant one on Mary (awkward), while Kristin was very moved and touched, which urged her to make out with Lil' C, which then urged Nigel to make out with Lil' C. Yeah, things were pretty out of control.

Dancers: Ashley Rich and Chris Koehl
"Lights Go Down" by Sonya Tayeh
Style: Jazz

Ashley's debut involved a red tutu and a shopping cart (yeah, weird), while Chris's first time on stage was a speedy poetry reading. The duo was terrified to be paired with Sonya, and we were a little spooked by the end result. From the half Beetle Juice makeup to the weird outfits, we weren't really getting it. Nigel critiqued the song choice, while Kristin told Ashley she was one of her favorites of the season (after apologizing for being the Paula Abdul of SYTYCD). Lil' C spewed a bunch of nonsense we didn't even try to follow.

Dancers: Clarice Ordaz and Jess LeProtto
"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jean-Marc Genereux
Style: Foxtrot

Little Clarice had her premiere at two-and-a-half — cute! — while Jess spent his stage debut waving at his mother in a cowboy outfit. In the second ballroom routine of the night, Jess and Clarice rocked this smooth-as-butter foxtrot. No problems with lifts this week! After getting Mary's expert approval, Kristin deemed the routine her favorite performance of the night.

Dancers: Ryan Ramirez and Ricky Jaime
"With Every Heartbeat" by Sonya Tayeh
Style: Contemporary

Ryan started her stage career at the age of four, where she was the only one who knew the steps, while Ricky completely blanked out during his debut. Hands down, Ricky and Ryan got the far superior Sonya piece this evening. The couple interpreted a relationship ending (shocker!), with an actual scarf symbolizing the tie between them, and it was beautiful. Lil' C declared the performance "buckness," Mary gave them props for their success with the... prop, while Nigel expressed his pride at saving this couple last week.

Dancers: Jordan Casanova and Tadd Gadduang
"Memories" by Nappytabs
Style: Hip Hop

Jordan's first dance performance was as a mini Spice Girl, while little Tadd used to perform in Filipino cultural dances. The couple took on a NappyTab routine portraying a college drunken hook-up — you know, where you don't know who you're waking up next to. After some initial awkwardness, the co-eds end up getting back under the sheets, with Tadd giving the audience a thumbs up. For this reason alone, this routine was pretty awesome. Nigel predicted the pair would stick around, Mary loved it, and Kristin felt it was tasty dessert.

Dancers: Jordan Casanova, Ricky Jaime, Melanie Moore, Robert Taylor, Jr., Caitlynn Lawson, Jess LeProtto, Ashley Rich, Alexander Fost
"Poison & Wine" by Dee Caspary
Style: Contemporary

Once again the ladies roared their dominance over the men, taunting them with mystery beverages, which they eventually force the men to drink. We're not really sure what was going on, but the dancing was quite gorgeous and a drink sounds like a fabulous idea right about now.

Based on tonight's performances, we're guessing Ashley and Chris, Miranda and Robert, and Jordan and Tadd might be seeing the Bottom 3, but your guess is as good as ours.

La Toya Jackson: Michael Was Murdered ... His Kids Have 'Nothing'

La Toya Jackson is convinced her brother Michael was murdered. From the bottom of her heart, murdered. And she knows who did it. The second half of Jackson's memoir, 'Starting Over,' deals with her gradual reconciliation with her famous family, specifically Michael. The outspoken singer-actress pulled no punches when PopEater caught up with her to discuss her controversial theories about the King of Pop's death and her belief that Dr. Conrad Murray was just a "fall guy" in an insidious conspiracy to kill. Why? To attain the bottomless pot of gold that is MJ's song catalog. And who told her this was going to happen? Michael. She tells us she's fighting this fight, even if it's unpopular within her family, because she wants what's best for Michael's three orphans. "Michael always used to say, 'La Toya I want to leave everything to my kids,' and here they have absolutely nothing," she said.

You think Michael was murdered.
Yes, I do. I believe that from the bottom of my heart. The people that he told me were going to murder him are behind his murder. They know that. They know who they are. They're controlling his estate now.

(Two people control Michael's estate, executors John Branca and John McClain.)

You believe it was over his publishing catalog.
That's what he told me. Within a week of his death people he had eradicated from his life completely, came in lurking, asking questions about the catalog, speaking to the attorney who controls the catalog. My brother Michael was clean (when he died), he had no drugs in his system, he was leading a good life. He was unhappy with the way people were treating him. The coroner said there was nothing in him except for the propofol which was pumped in his body and it was enough to kill an elephant.

Dr. Murray was simply the fall guy, there were people behind it. It was a conspiracy and they know that. I want to have a one-on-one with Dr. Murray. I would love to sit down and talk with him.

You say the English tour was fishy.
First of all he told me he never would do a tour again because he said they would assassinate him if he was on stage. He finally agreed to ten shows which he didn't want to do but he agreed and he wakes up overnight and there's 50 shows and they told him he had to do them. They knew he wasn't capable of them, they knew he wasn't healthy enough. He had a kidney problem, he was extremely thin, he was always freezing. They knew what they were doing. This isn't what I'm thinking, these are facts.

How does your family feel about you saying this?
When you lose a loved one, everybody is so hurt and there were some that said, 'Oh he's dead, let it be and move on,' but no, I need to find out what happened. My mother and father have always been for me and on my side and telling me they're so proud of me, to keep fighting. I love that, it gives me the tenacity to keep fighting and for his children. Michael always used to say, 'La Toya I want to leave everything to my kids,' and here they have absolutely nothing.

How are his children doing?
They're doing very well thank you. I'm very proud of them. It was my mother's decision to unmask them. She felt like she wanted them to be normal. However I understand why Michael did it. He wanted his kids to have the freedom to go out and not be recognized when they weren't with him.

'Twilight Saga: Eclipse' scores 12 Teen Choice Award nominations

"Twilight Saga: Eclipse" struck out at the Oscars, but the teen vampire movie is the "King's Speech" of the Teen Choice Awards. The pop culture phenomenon about an angsty teen played by Kristen Stewart caught in a love triangle with a vampire (Robert Pattinson) and a werewolf (Taylor Lautner) nabbed 12 TCA nominations.

Lady Gaga refutes claims she profited from charity

Lady Gaga says claims she is retaining some of the charity money for personal gain are 'misguided' and that they take attention 'away from the kind deeds of the fans around the world'. Photo / AP

Photo : Lady Gaga says claims she is retaining some of the charity money for personal gain are 'misguided' and that they take attention 'away from the kind deeds of the fans around the world'. Photo / AP

Lady Gaga has branded claims she tried to profit from her charity wristbands as "misguided".

The Edge of Glory singer is being sued for $5 million after being accused of deliberately inflating the cost of shipping and handling of the 'We Pray for Japan' bracelets - which were being sold for $5, plus $3.99 for shipping and handling, and 60 cents for taxes - in order to profit from the charitable venture, which was initiated to raise money for the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, but she has now hit back at the allegations.

Her spokesman said: "This misguided lawsuit is without merit and unfortunately takes attention away from the kind deeds of the fans around the world who are supporting the people of Japan.

"The entire $5 donation made with the purchase of each bracelet is going to support the disaster relief. No profit is being made on shipping costs. Sales tax charges were made in accordance with local legal requirements.

"Lady Gaga has personally pledged her own funds to this cause and continues to support the victims of the disaster."

Ari Kresch, an attorney with Michigan-based 1-800-LAW-FIRM, had previously said: "I'm suing Lady Gaga simply to hold her accountable for giving the money that she was raising for charity to the cause that she was trying to raise it for."

- BANG! Showbiz

Lady Gaga rejects Japan charity bracelet scam

Representatives of Lady Gaga described the lawsuit targeting the pop star and other companies involved in the sale and marketing of the $5 white and red "We Pray for Japan" rubber bracelets as misguided and without merit, according to a Reuters report.

"This misguided lawsuit is without merit and unfortunately takes attention away from the kind deeds of the fans around the world who are supporting the people of Japan," they said.

A lawsuit that was filed last week by Michigan legal network, 1800LAWFIRM alleging unlike what was pledged by Gaga initially, not all of proceeds from the wristband sales were going to help victims of the March earthquake and tsunami. The federal class action also claimed that shipping costs were inflated.

The lawsuit was filed on Friday when Gaga was in Japan for a benefit concert.

"The entire $5 donation made with the purchase of each bracelet is going to support the disaster relief. No profit is being made on shipping costs. Sales tax charges were made in accordance with local legal requirements. Lady Gaga has personally pledged her own funds to this cause and continues to support the victims of the disaster," Tuesday's statement said, according to the report.

The Italian-American singer is reported to have donated about $3 million to Japan disaster relief through sales of the wristbands and other ventures.

Lady Gaga was last month named the most powerful celebrity in the world by Forbes magazine, based on her earnings, media visibility and social media popularity.

Emma Watson: Seventeen August 2011 Cover Girl

Harry Potter star Emma Watson is gracing the cover of Seventeen magazine’s August issue. 21-year-old popular diva is looking super gorgeous on cover, donning a lovely blue dress.

Emma is wearing a sleeveless blue dress with ruffle detailing on shoulder and a matching belt tied at waist. Lots of chunky bangles, bright lips and a beautiful smile, perfectly complements her bright dress.

Very gorgeous, Emma is wearing many colorful attires and bold jewelry for other editorial pics. Emma Watson’s look in Seventeen magazine’s August 2011 issue is youthful, fun and flirty. Also, check out Emma Watson Vogue US July 2011 cover.

On celebrity crushes: “I’ve never understood having crushes on people who you don’t know in real life. I only crush on people I meet. I mean, I can appreciate that someone is good-looking, obviously, but I don’t intend to fantasize about people I don’t know!”

On keeping friends forever: “I still have friends from primary school. And my two best girlfriends are from secondary school. I don’t have to explain anything to them. I don’t have to apologize for anything. They know. There’s no judgment in any way.”

On having fun with colors: “I try to avoid wearing black because sometimes it’s the easy option. But I’m young, so it’s nice to be able to play with color and not just wear black all the time. I can save that for when I’m older.”
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Maria Sharapova back into Wimbledon semifinal

WIMBLEDON, England (AP) — When Maria Sharapova says her game is getting better and better at Wimbledon, it's hard to argue.
The fifth-seeded Russian, the only quarterfinalist at the All England Club with a Grand Slam title to her name, dominated her match on Centre Court on Tuesday, moving back into the semifinals for the first time since 2006.

"I certainly feel like I've improved, especially from my second round," said Sharapova, who beat 24th-seeded Dominika Cibulkova 6-1, 6-1 on another wet day at Wimbledon. "I think that's really important if you want to get to the later stages, later stage of the second week, as well.
"You have to step it up because the matches will only get tougher and you're going to be playing better players that have won the same amount of matches, as well."

Sharapova won the Wimbledon title in 2004 when she was only 17. She made the semifinals the next two years, but hadn't been back this far since.

To reach a second final, she'll have to beat German wild-card entry Sabine Lisicki, who reached her first Grand Slam semifinal by defeating 2007 finalist Marion Bartoli 6-4, 6-7 (4), 6-1.
In the other semifinal match, fourth-seeded Victoria Azarenka will face Petra Kvitova.

On Wednesday, the men return to the court with six-time champion Roger Federer up against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, defending champion Rafael Nadal against Mardy Fish, Novak Djokovic facing 18-year-old Australian qualifier Bernard Tomic and Andy Murray versus Feliciano Lopez.

Sharapova lost the opening game of her match under the roof on Centre Court, but then won eight straight and never let Cibulkova hold serve again.

"It's been a few years since I got past the fourth round, and now I'm in the semifinals," said Sharapova, who has not lost a set at this year's tournament. "So this a great chance for me to take it a step further."

Although Azarenka is the highest seeded player remaining in the draw at No. 4, Sharapova is the favorite.

At 24, the Russian is three years older than the other three semifinalists. Plus, Sharapova won the 2006 U.S. Open and the 2008 Australian Open while Lisicki and Azarenka will be playing in a major semifinal for the first time.

"It's great, the fact that I've had the experience of being in those stages. But I haven't been for a while, so it's a nice and refreshing feeling to have," Sharapova said. "I've put a lot of work in to get to this stage, but I still feel like, you know, the tournament's not over. I still have a few more goals left."

The first obstacle will be Lisicki, who was first up under the roof on Centre Court as rain poured down and thunder blared.

Despite wasting three match points in the second set, Lisicki held on to become only the second wild-card entry to reach the women's semifinals at the All England Club and the first German Grand Slam semifinalist since Steffi Graf in 1999.

"I cannot explain how I feel at the moment," said Lisicki, who missed much of the 2010 season following an ankle injury. "It was just such a tough road back and it's so wonderful to be standing on Centre Court in Wimbledon, which I love so much. I'm just so happy."
For Bartoli, the loss was a letdown after eliminating four-time champion Serena Williams in the previous round.

"I still beat Serena Williams in Wimbledon. I think I still can be proud of myself," said Bartoli, who tired after winning the second set. "Even though I lost today, it was still a good match. It was still a good fight."

The rain briefly delayed the start of play Tuesday as the roof was closed, while the opening match on Court 1 started after a 2½-hour delay.

Once it did, Kvitova reached the Wimbledon semifinals for the second year in a row, beating Tsvetana Pironkova of Bulgaria 6-3, 6-7 (5), 6-2.

"At the beginning I was better and I played so good like matches before," said the Czech, who had 54 winners to only 10 for Pironkova. "But then I get little nervous, and in my mind was something I don't know what was it. I was mentally down."

Azarenka defeated Tamira Paszek 6-3, 6-1 in a match that started on Court 1 but was moved to Centre Court because of rain after just one game.

In the second game of the second set, Azarenka pulled off a forehand winner on break point that didn't even have to clear the net. Instead, the Belarussian ran down a shot to her right and smacked it outside the post and into the court on the other side.

"It's actually my mom's birthday today so I really wanted to give her a good gift so I was really trying to play beautiful today and that was the first time I did this shot," Azarenka said. "So I'm really glad I could."

Tiger Woods sports new beard at press conference

It seems playing golf isn't the only thing that Tiger Woods has avoided doing while he's rehabilitating a hurt knee and Achilles (he still has no timetable for a return). Shaving doesn't seem to be on his list of daily activities, and on Tuesday at his AT&T National press conference, Woods sported his McDreamy look for the world to see.

Tiger, who used to have a sponsorship with Gillette before all his personal problems hit the front page, smiled his way through his presser, but never mentioned the new look that will definitely have people in the golf world talking.

The above picture on the left is Tiger on Tuesday, and the one to the right is the last time we saw Tiger in competition, at The Players Championship in May.
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June 28, 2011

Is 'Idol' Thinking About Life Without Jennifer Lopez?

Insiders believe that Jennifer Lopez's admission to the BBC that she's "on the fence" about returning to 'American Idol' next season is nothing more than a ploy for a pay hike ... However, 'Idol' is already discussing possible replacements should they not be able to entice J.Lo to return.

"Right now the star of 'American Idol' is Steven Tyler," an insider source tells me. "Everyone thought after Simon announced he was leaving that [Lopez] would fill the void. How wrong were they? It's all about Steven, who's already signed on for season 11.

Jennifer, who currently earns a reported $12 million for her one-year deal with 'Idol' -- a touch below the $35 mil Simon earned -- needs to ask herself how much her contribution to the show is really worth.

"'Idol' has resurrected her much-stalled music career," one music exec tells me, referring to 'On the Floor,' the singer's first radio hit in a while. "Likewise, 'Idol' didn't fall apart when Simon left and Jennifer has to get some of the credit for that. But let's also remember the show didn't increase in ratings and that is also thanks to J.Lo."

Jennifer told the BBC: "I loved 'Idol,' but I have a lot of other things happening, and it's going to come down to me making a choice of what I want to do for the next year ... We're not really at the breaking point of 'You have to make a decision right now!'"

Be careful, Jennifer, I'm being told the names Shania Twain and Shakira are already being mentioned in hopes of bringing in viewers!

Lady Gaga Responds To Japan Bracelet Lawsuit

While Lady Gaga plays panda in Japan, the pop star’s publicist Holly Shakoor has issued a statement regarding the lawsuit claiming she profited from the sale of her “We Pray For Japan” bracelets. Read the full statement below.
Michigan-based law firm 1-800-LAW-FIRM filed a lawsuit earlier this week alleging that Gaga had overcharged fans on shipping costs of her bracelet and had made money over the sale of a product whose proceeds she promised would go to the Japanese earthquake relief efforts.
The singer’s rep released a response (via E! Online):

“This misguided lawsuit is without merit and unfortunately takes attention away from the kind deeds of the fans around the world who are supporting the people of Japan. The entire $5 donation made with the purchase of each bracelet is going to support the disaster relief. No profit is being made on shipping costs. Sales tax charges were made in accordance with local legal requirements. Lady Gaga has personally pledged her own funds to this cause and continues to support the victims of the disaster.”

Lady Gaga sued over fundraising effort for Japan

Detroit— A lawsuit filed in Detroit claims music star Lady Gaga is misleading her fans with an online pitch for donations for victims of the Japan earthquake.
Lady Gaga's website is selling $5 wristbands that say, "We Pray For Japan." The website also allows people to make additional donations and says "all proceeds go directly to Japan relief efforts."

But the lawsuit notes sales tax and a $3.99 shipping charge are added. Detroit-area attorney Alyson Oliver believes not all money is going to help the Japanese. She wants an accounting.
An email seeking comment was left today with a spokesman for Lady Gaga. The lawsuit was filed Friday in federal court in Detroit. It seeks class-action status and possible refunds for people who bought wristbands.

'Bachelor Pad' cast update: Mystery man No. 2 is... -- EXCLUSIVE

The list of Bachelor/Bachelorette cast-offs, fan favorites and professional reality TV villains keeps growing. Click through to see the latest addition to ABC’s Bachelor Pad, which premieres August 8.

Yes, it’s Blake from this season of The Bachelorette, a.k.a. the dentist, a.k.a. the guy who never got a one-on-one date with Ashley and who made her cry in last night’s episode and was subsequently sent home. (Will he fare better in the Bachelor Pad? Judging from how comfortable he looks lying shirtless on a deck chair, I think he could do quite well.)

As we previously reported, one more “Mystery Man” from the current season of The Bachelorette will be joining the Bachelor Pad cast later this summer.