December 31, 2011

Will Russell Brand Become The One That Got Away For Katy Perry? (PHOTO)

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are without doubt one of the more bizarre pairings in Hollywood. So it’s with no surprise that marriage trouble rumors are starting to surround the couple. Suspicions were raised when the couple spent the Christmas holiday apart, with Katy in Hawaii and Russell back home in London.

According to UsWeekly, the pair had a dramatic argument just before Katy was due to fly to London. A source close to the couple confessed, “They had a massive fight. She was like, ‘F–k you. I’m going to do my own thing.’ Russell replied, ‘Fine, f–k you too.’”

What caused this falling out, you ask? “Katy doesn’t think Russell respects her parents’ Christian beliefs or her friends,” another insider admitted. Well, isn’t that hypocritical. Running around half naked in tight PVC clothing, raunchy dancing on stage and kissing members of the same sex leads us to believe Katy doesn’t respect her parents’ Christian beliefs either.

Adding fuel to the fire, Russell was out shopping in London, England without his wedding ring on Wednesday, December 28. Yikes. This seems pretty serious.
Will Katy and Russell be the first celebrity couple to divorce in 2012? Let us know what you think!

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