December 31, 2011

Selena Gomez Twitter: Loves Fan Support After Mom's Miscarriage of Scarlett (3 PHOTOS)

Singer Selena Gomez took to Twitter recently to tell her fans she loves their support after her mom's miscarriage. A recent tweet from a fan touched Selena regarding her guardian angel "Scarlett," prompting Gomez to tweet her appreciation.

Scarlett was supposed to be the name of Selena's new younger sister, but unfortunately she was never born. Selena's mom had a tragic miscarriage, making for a tough loss on the family during the holidays. However, Selena endured the tragedy well, and had the support of Justin Bieber, her family, and her fans. One recent fan tweet caught Selena's attention, as she tweeted her appreciation with an instagram picture, saying:

"And that's why I love you guys.. Thank you so much"

The instagram, seen here, shows off the Facebook comment from a fan which says:

"Beautiful...Scarlett's looking over you right now, I know it <3"

There tends to be a lot of negativity expressed online towards celebrities, sometimes justified, sometimes extremely uncalled for. It's fans like this one, and others who support Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, who make social media a great thing. Lucky for Selena she seems to have many good fans on her side who are there to cheer her up and help her endure the tough times!

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