October 27, 2011

NBC gets a smackdown from Taiwanese animators (VIDEO)

NBC, along with its rival broadcast networks, has had its up and downs this season. The network has canceled a few of their new offerings ("Free Agents," "The Playboy Club") while showing support for other freshman series ("Up All Night," "Prime Suspect").

But only NBC has come in for a satirical skewering from Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese animators who usually tackle big news topics such as the Occupy Wall Street movement and McDonald's programming a TV network for dine-in customers.

The animators poke vicious fun at the peacock network, calling its new fall season "a disaster" and a huge fall from its glory days in the 1980s and '90s. The video suggests that cable giant Comcast may have made a $13-billion mistake in acquiring NBC.

There's even an beheading of a Playboy bunny!

Is this video fair, or a cheap shot?

— Greg Braxton

Photo: A scene from a the an NBC sature. Credit: Next Media Animation
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