August 22, 2011

Kate Moss: Little sister Lottie set to follow her into modelling (@KateAMoss)

Bridesmaids have always had a nasty habit of upstaging the bride.

Pippa Middleton kept up the ­tradition by creating as much – or even more – of a stir as her sister ­Catherine at the royal ­wedding.

And at just 13 Kate Moss’s little sister Lottie attracted so much interest as a bridesmaid on the supermodel’s big day that she’s even been tipped to steal the Croydon clothes horse’s catwalk crown.

Top modelling agents were blown away by wedding pictures of Lottie’s high ­cheekbones, porcelain skin and flowing locks and are jostling to sign her. Fashion bible Vogue says Lottie is “already showing signs she will follow in her sister’s footsteps” while fashion insiders are tipping her to ­become the next big thing.

“Lottie looks beautiful and fresh... very English Rose,” says Carole White, founder of Premier Models. “She has wonderful features and could ­definitely make it as a model.”

Lottie was one of 15 bridesmaids at 37-year-old Kate’s Cotswolds wedding last month to The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince, 42. And there was no mistaking the Moss genes as, wearing white ­flowers in her hair, Lottie stood next to half-sister Kate.

Leading fashion expert Karen Kay says if Lottie decides to follow in her sister’s footsteps on the catwalk she’s sure to be a global cover girl.

“Yes, Lottie’s beautiful but she’s got more than looks,” says Karen. “She’s got the Moss kudos, that special allure.

“That is even more important and could land her the biggest campaigns for the biggest brands.
“Her classical beauty is very now, from her willowy frame to her natural blonde hair and fair complexion.

“She’s even got a @CindyCrawford-style mole on her chin. She’s the full package. If she plays her cards right, she could eclipse Kate.”

Lottie, daughter of Kate’s father Peter and his second wife Inger, is already modelling vintage clothing for the ­family store in rural West Sussex.

But she has been banned by her ­family from modelling full-time until she turns 14 – the age at which Kate was spotted, as well as models Lily Cole and Christy Turlington.

Inger says it’s down to her ­daughter to make up her mind about ­whether she wants to strut the catwalk: “When she is old enough it will be up to Lottie to ­decide.”

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