June 21, 2018

Snake catchers show how TWO 4ft reptiles got into family's tumble dryer

Two snakes were pulled from the inner pipes of the dryer
A family doing their laundry got a shock when they discovered two snakes inside the pipes of their tumble dryer.

Wildlife control experts were called to remove the serpents, which looked to be at least 4ft in length each, from inside the unit.

May 23, 2018

Amazon is moving into the car business by allowing motorists to book a test drive online

The web retail giant is joining up with Volvo so customers can bypass having to visit a dealer to try out a car.

March 2, 2018


According to Skyscanner, this is entirely for safety reasons. 

'Despite swanky new Boeing 787 Dreamliners replacing clunky window shades with self-tinting windows, most commercial aircraft still have solid blinds that raise and lower manually,' they wrote.  

January 8, 2018

Trump proved America will elect a politically inexperienced billionaire TV superstar Oprah Winfrey as President

It was supposed to be a night about myriad women in black dresses making a powerful collective statement about sexual harassment.

Instead, it turned into a night about one powerful black woman making what could turn out to be an historic statement of political intent.