April 22, 2014

Children as young as SEVEN forced to fight for money in brutal Muay Thai bouts (VIDEO) - @tigermuaythai

A shocking new documentary reveals the pressures on Thailand's child professional fighters who risk brain damage and death to lift their families out of poverty.
The bouts can leave kids brain-damaged, but adults gamble huge sums on their fights, and their families put enormous pressure on the kids to fight and win to help them escape poverty.

Leopard attack Human in India creates panic in western Indian village (VIDEO) - @NatGeo

Panic looms among the residents of Ballarpur village in India's western Maharashtra, after a leopard hides on the rooftop of a house and on being found, runs amok.
The drama in Ballarpur, Maharashtra, was caught on camera as villagers tried to get away from the big cat - it was later released back into the wild by authroties.

MH370 FOUND? No! This was wreckage of 1942 Nazi's transport plane - #mh370

Unearthing secrets of World War Two: A diver explores the wreckage of a JU 52 Luftwaffe transport plane which was found at the bottom of the Black Sea nearly 70 years after it vanished mid-flight in 1942
A belt buckle bearing Nazi insignia, a shaving brush and a pair of boots were among items found within a sunken World War Two war plane which have helped to solve the mystery of its disappearance.

April 21, 2014

Malaysian Pupil's cheek pierced by metal rod

10-year-old Huguan Isaac of SRK Sacred Heart, had a metal rod pierced his cheek. Pix by Mohd Adam Arinin
A Year Four pupil playing with his friends in his school compound ended with a metal rod piercing his right cheek.